Patriots fans vs. Giants fans (25 Photos)

  • Super Pats

    Sorry Giants, but we'll be taking NY so that we may spell DYNASTY!!!! Sorry, how many championships in the past ten years? What? How many Superbowl appearances last ten years? Oh my, look what they done did with the worst defense in history entering the playoffs. Please run your mouths off, It did wonders for the Jets.

    • tbirk23

      dynasty? r u on drugs? isn’t this the team that got caught studying illegal footage just a year after winning the super bowl? how did that shit get swept under the table? they should have the Lombardi taken away an Tom Brady should be stripped of his super bowl mvps.
      they should gave to earn it just like any other team, that would make them a dynasty. maybe if they win this one and four more afterwards with hard work rather tban illegal footage. bill is nothing but a cheating bastard. tom and the Brady bunch r a bunch of cheating bastards.

      • tbirk23

        well maybe not he entire team but it’s still ridiculous the pats and bill are all talked up still. I’m neither a giants or a patriots fan but god damn I hope Eli jizzes all over toms face in a couple weeks.

    • Anonymous

      So what happened last two times they played? Exactly bitch

  • Brother Maynard

    #4 was all I needed to see.

  • bisonbade

    #4 #6 #13 #14 #17 #18
    Giants win

  • Jeff

    #22 Photoshoppers get to it!!

  • etcrr

    #7 #24 go Pat gals ( don't really care who wins )

    • john doe

      #7 = not a pats fan
      #4 = used up russian prostitute

      • john doe

        make that #24 my bad

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the patriots

  • LaLakers2408

    Patriots fans win because boobs.

  • spencer dunn

    richford, usa

    8th post from bottom i think girls in cool hats

  • Bothteamscaneatshit

    Both teams can suck fat dicks. there is no super bowl for me this year!

  • Anonymous

    #16 #2 4 #6 #7 HQ would be awesome now 🙂

  • OhSomeEvil

    these female football fans are the real winners, but lets not forget, Giants 27 > Patriots 24

  • Bink

    #14 is shopped. She's apparently a cheerleader for every team in the NFL lol

  • Pat patriot

    @ tbirk23 guess what? Every team does what pats got caught doin. Bill was smart enough to bend the rules, being in the spotlight, u losers had to probe and found 1 thing they didn’t agree with. Must be a ravens fan… I don’t dout the refs were in New Yorks pocket in 07! NE 27 NY 24

  • Fat Slob

    Bitter nfl fans always bring up spygate. Just mad that the pats have been a great team for over ten years now! Anyone who doesnt think Belichek is the best coach in the nfl is out of their mind or just jealous their team doesnt have him. Pats 35-NY24..

  • Anonymous

    13 and 18 please find moarrr

  • Effing Shane

    Im sorry, but the new jersey giants ain’t gonna pull that shit twice.

  • anonymous

    you forgot a very important giants fan – daughter of a giants scout and firecrotch par excellence, kate mara. check her out here:

  • john doe

    I'm not real invested in either team but i would like to see NY take this one and using a bitches-based-bias. i'm now a die hard Giants fan lolz

    PS. bitches based bias, just came to me. and i love it 🙂

  • smallchinaman

    #14 Are Giants cheerleaders are so ugly they have to take a Broncos cheerleader and photoshop her? Google Romi Bean to see original photo.

  • Jeff

    Just glad harbaugh is out…both of them. Now the networks won't have anything to compare except the tow REAL teams.

  • Danny

    Patton Oswaldt!!!

  • Danny

    #1 Patton Oswaldt!

  • Joey

    #24 is HemiGirl & half the rest is NY Giants girl Reby Sky! These two are best friends Reby calls her “wifey”.

    #24 is not Russian at all def not a prostitute either google her she’s the Patriots number 1 fan!!

  • TheJesus

    G MEN!!!

  • Kimmy

    #13 Go Giants!!!

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