Patriots fans vs. Giants fans (25 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    If you ain’t trying to cheat…you ain’t trying to win

  • http://what Richard Gazinya

    .number 21, good GAWD, that’s awful. Please leave your parkas on.

  • nameless

    Giants girls all the way

  • RayFinkle

    #6 Pats fan born and raised but sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeet Jesus!!!!!!!!

  • Doobsy

    God i hate the Giants and the Pats but i have to give it to them…. Giants Groupies Rocked this shit!

  • Andrew

    #14 is Photoshop thats a broncos cheerleader i know this because shes dating my buddy and went to college with me

  • iris

    Its the giants girl shame she almost got sued



  • bill

    giants suck dick so all those girls want my num 12 “

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    24 almost made me convert… but ill be an eagles fan til the day i die… even though we suck… hard.

    😐 ….. 😥

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