Signs full of ‘WTF’ (35 Photos)

  • Harmonica

    #13 just watched clercs again yesterday 🙂

    • Harmonica

      with a k

      • RRD

        What smells like shoe polish?

      • Davinport

        With a k like kourt? #27

    • The Dude

      37 Dicks!

    • Eric

      That's Pizza D's, in Little Rock, AR. They had a car run through the front door one night right before Chirstmas. The sign and damage is still there..LOL

    • mihaisuzuki

      What's that?

  • JoeyWJ

    Don't forget to grease those nipples ladies!

    <img src=>

    • Wark

      Hey, why should the ladies have all the fun?

      • Underbaker

        Yeah, let me grease them for you ladies.

  • etcrr

    #26 well if you wanna play you gotta pay

    • KFAD

      Wonder who wrote the sign?

  • Lyndsay

    yay to Fingringhoe in my home county of Essex. We also have a place called Clitheroe in Lancashire.

    • liam

      i live 10 mins from there !!

    • BigSoren

      And this is why the U.K. is inherently more awesome than the U.S.

    • coocoocuchoo

      my towns called Cockermouth

  • Wark

    #31 Little known fact: Jesus had a mean roundhouse kick.

    • oliver

      that was how chuck norris was born

  • Sarge

    #35 i refuse to eat at any Thai restaurant that doesn't have a good pun

    • Walter

      Pho shizzle

      • Groggy

        Pho = Vietnamese….and for that kind of pun there's no beating Pho King Noodles.

  • The Bandit

    #3…is there any help wanted?? I'd like to help….
    #7….don't worry, I'm just taking a dump….

  • LiquidMuff07

    #23 That's an awesome way to poop!

    • nedkelly

      commonly known as the kargaroo..

      • tralfaz

        or the gargoyle….

        • Cross

          I like to pretend Im an eagle and just perch….

    • rufus

      Only acceptable way to use the bathroom, regardless of what you have to do, in Afghan culture. They're not allowed to touch their own junk.

    • isawoj

      Looks like you'd crap on your heels.

  • saucypants

    #31 Lesson 1: Pray that nobody kicks the shit out of you.

  • Penrath

    #1 Seems Legit.. 45% of 200 MPH…is…90 MPH…

  • Mad Hittman

    #32 I'll have a medium Drysack please…

    • wayfarer

      Glad to see Port wine making it to The Chive!

  • JRGray

    #24 The Ramada always keeps it classy…

  • Penrath

    #29 Welcome to Fingringhoe Essex….

    "Please drive carefully through our village"

    • flibble

      #29 Essex Represent!!!!! I remember going on a school trip to the Wick at Fingeringhoe. good, hillarious times.

  • dashete

    #20 Say what you want but they probably don't get home intrusions much.

  • Josh F

    A Chiver from Lincoln, ME?


    • UGH


    • HUH?

      so a FAP-friendly insurance company would pay my claim for carpel tunnel in my wrist, right?

  • Jester

    #17 Grafton Street, Dublin! Ireland!!!

    • dude


      • Liamo

        awh yeah

  • drwar41

    #23 massive toilet or midget?

  • Frank

    #13 is Pizza D’Action in Little Rock, AR. Someome drove a car through the front of it.

  • Guse

    #20 – Hur hur, it says "Rape". Can we stop taking our picture next to everything with the word rape in it now? It's a fecking plant.

    • ThatGuy

      But it also says wood, like an erection. Like rapists have when they rape things. Get it? Get it?

  • fil

    #35 they serve great iceberg lettuce!

    • JFrost

      *slow clap*

  • TheDog59

    #22 A moment of silence for our fallen protectors

  • jasper

    #13 the d made the chive! Chive on from little rock!!

    • Chelsea

      i submitted it! i couldnt' believe pizza d's was cool enough to reference clerks! hah (a little rock chivette)

  • BigSoren

    #25 is right around the corner from my favorite billiards place.

    • blazindave

      howdy fellow Arlingtonite

      • BigSoren

        I live a little further out, but Arlington is the closest town that has a bar worth a damn. Lucky's Billiards FTW!

        • BigSoren

          This place is even in the same parking lot.

  • Anonymous

    #17 Thats Grafton st in Dublin!

  • r151

    For some reason I can't stop laughing at #4

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