This kid has caused some serious trust issues (12 Photos)

  • Scott

    Not the same person, what happened to the extra wide nose and the jaw bone line? Either full video of transpformation or it's just a photoshop trick and not real.

    • Stacey

      it's the same person, it's just photoshopped as well.

  • Andrea

    The question is rather easy to me. He is gay. That's it.

  • Bill G

    Funny tricks like that can land you in a dumpster in a back alley. All in good clean fun of course!

  • f3n1x187

    My eyes are bleeding

  • Cal1

    Why? Just why? Some people are fucked up and are cleary set to arrive at an early grave

  • Anonymous

    First! Its a nightmare!

  • Seldi84

    #11 The only asian woman i'm trusting from now on will have an australian accent.

  • Blake

    Me Chinese, me play trick…yes that really is my dick

  • Jeremy Cox

    You're not playing tricks. You're merely a tranny.

  • Cmofosho

    Christ, the guys on this site are pretty insecure with their sexuality. "It shouldn't be illegal to terminate people like this with extreme prejudice."? Really. It should be legal to kill cross-dressers. Nice. This isn't even real, fellas, so that uncomfortable boner you have shouldn't upset you as much as it is.

  • etcrr

    Thanks Chive, this cannot be unseen

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    omg!!!! make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McNuggets

    That's actually quite impressive. The hatred in the comments section however is just sad. It's like they need to prove their manhood by threatening violence against anything which doesn't conform to their very narrow view of the world. Saudi Arabia would be a perfect fit for these "men".

  • Falthor

    uh this is kinda old news and not even the best male to female transition… Still creepy as shit though

  • Chuck

    It's a little scary how much the folks at the Chive like these trans-gender ones….sounds like a cry for help.

  • Mac

    My God… that is so fucked!

  • Whiskey

    I think it's really funny, actually, and since it's clearly both a real makeup artist and also shopped, I highly doubt this is a single individual doing his makeup. It's amazing what you can do to bone structure with a relatively small amount of work.

  • rmb

    this is why i have lost faith in humanity

  • sam

    noses are different.

  • WTF

  • Anonymous

    Hey mcnugget if I went on a date with a chick who turned out to have a dick,those are grounds for a beating. Nothing to do with being manly. I’m not gay and I don’t want a chick with a dick. Not a funny joke

  • Obama

    correct sir this is not real, the nose is way to small after transformation, the high defined cheek bones are gone, when they smile the guy has large creases in his face she does not. this is not the same person.

    • Iceheartt

      It's called "contouring" you can change structures dramatically with makeup.

  • Anonymous

    Id slip her one. oh wait.

  • Alex

    So basically he's just proving he looks like a girl…? Who cares

  • pooper

    Thats y I always grab a woman in the crotch on the first date.. and people told me i was crazy…. idiots

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