This kid has caused some serious trust issues (12 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    If you were on a date and it turned out she had a dick it would be rude to just walk out. you could at least stay and get a bj.

  • dewd

    Its things like this that make me look forward to the rapture…

  • ramon

    Really, WUWA!? (what’s up with asians). I have never seen a culture so obsessed with wanting to be a schoolgirl or some variation of schoolgirl. Not going to download anymore asian pics only asian porn. Me love them long time!.

  • Kimmy

    That's normal for Bangkok bars guys! A lot of hot "girls" are really boys, or used to be. Buyer beware…

  • Oddie Monsta

    I’m pretty sure I jerked off to an asian guy once

  • Sodak

    It’s a trap!

  • GreyGhost9

    This is exactly why i cannot find Asian women hot, ladies tell your men to cut this shit it out.

  • Anonymous

    Its even worse when this happens and you end up having to pay extra.

  • SARmedic

    "You know, my sperms"
    "Uhhhuhu…I think your translation is a little off. Where would you get sperm?"
    "From my balls."

  • Anonymous

    Its even worse when this happens when you have to pay extra.

  • Chris Watts

    gee, i didn't know makeup could cover up facial structure… shoped as hell

  • JFrost

    I don’t care how much makeup, you can’t change a person’s nose and fill out their cheeks that much.

    • Cori

      It's also clearly photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a lot of closet gays and virgins on here that don’t know how to react to this pic. If it makes your willy tickle it doesn’t mean your gay and if your a virgin you’ll figure it out one day. Long live the trannys.

  • majorfathead

    I'd play some tricks too with a hammer and a shovel

  • iamwhoiam

    That’s why boobs don’t lie…

  • evan

    This kids is why you should never FAP to asian porn

  • MonkeyMadness

    How do they do that with their eyes? Are they pushing back the eyelids to hide the folds? Does it stay like that?
    It would look weird for one eye to pop back to normal.

  • Devin

    Amazing how is sclera get bigger and the nose gets smaller. I'm sure there is no shopping going on here…..

    • Cori

      Looks like enlarged iris contact lenses to me.

  • Anonymous

    Total fake. #12 doesn’t look anything like the first pic, totally different shape head.

  • Theresa

    Wow he's pretty haha!

  • Dennis

    I see what you did there

  • Joey

    Dosnt matter had sex!

  • Shar11

    thailand can get pretty weird if you end up taking one of their "hot" girls home….. u will most likely end up with a 6inch surprise u didnt think would be there….

  • fist_of_fury

    Ass wooping waiting to happen

  • Anonymous

    Starting to hate Asian girls. Every guy who ever had an Asian fetish now feels a little bit gay.

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