This kid has caused some serious trust issues (12 Photos)

  • veggystyle


  • Panos

    ive noticed asian eyes elsewhere, usually in cosplay pics, and I dont understand. What do they use to open their eyes 100% more than they are before makeup.. is this normal makeup trick?

  • Murray

    Why does this work only on East Asians ?

  • Capt_savvy

    How is this any different to the girl who transformed herself into Jared Leto using makeup?

  • Joelpersonmanguy

    i dont want to live in this world anymore…

  • Yoda

    I think he means he likes to be a trick on dates

  • NastyNate

    Fuck it, a holes a hole.

  • iris

    Its a glue that they put to make their lids more western or open

  • fafsasss

    That proves they all look the same

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