Training on the river Thames for the 2012 Olympics (16 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #5 I would not want to see those coming at me with 50cals on the fore deck

  • Luke

    #1 #2 #8 #12 #13
    It's the new lynx "wildcat"

  • Lucy

    Wear srthos in this weather . So I looked down, back up and said Oh man, I forgot my pants . I should add that I this was the first stop out of Astoria so it was outside.The second person (here is where names would help) to depant on the 4 car later told me that some women who she was sitting next to watched me take of my pants and said that was the strangest thing they had seen So then she gets up right then and does the same.Good times, good times.

  • des

    No its not.

  • des

    Wildcat not in service til 2014, and Navy not getting it til 2015.

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