• Unfkngblvbl

    Geez people….if you come out of a slide undamaged…just park the damn thing!

    • ItPrintsMoney

      and brag that you kept calm and chived on!

    • Lonzey

      i dont know if you were watching but obviously the "park the damn thing" strategy didn't turn out so well for most people

    • fignewton

      This is why I live in the dirty souf! Currently 72 degrees with not a fuckin chance of snow…

      • Bob Lee Swagger

        Not a chance of a worthwhile life either…

        • stun

          yea because having a worthwhile life means being filthy rich right? i

    • Nny

      Apparently in Utah.. They don't know how to drive in snow…. I just trekked through something worse than that just to get home this afternoon… Not even a slide

    • Lancer_Boum19

      God invented the human being with intelligence… However, none was shown in this videoclip, People keeps thinking they can make it, barely… Way north a remedy exist, it's called winter tires…

    • Bren

      How Hard is it when y ou live in an area with snowfall to atleast have all seasons if not snow tires..

  • Jason White


  • Paulie

    How hard is it to stay off the damn road?!

    • Yes

      Everyone knows to drive properly in the snow you need an Imperial AT-AT.

      • ;) nanno nanno

        You Americans would be dead withing 5 minutes of driving in Sweden during the winter.. You just can't handel it..

        • some-dude

          lol…you should see los angeles residents when it rains even a little bit.

        • Intellect1618

          It was iced roads with snowpack on top. No country handles that on a hill even with chains.

          • Another Sweed

            Yes we do. We are smart enough to slow it down, stear it out and then LOOK AHEAD befor throwing the pedal to the metal! Almost every sweed chould have handeld this without smashing up all thos cars.

            • DoomsDayDub

              So I guess that means you have to go to work on days like this instead of getting to take a day off?

            • I_Hate_Paula


              • Bob Lee Swagger

                LOL shut up Sweden..

                • stun

                  ^that's why people hate americans.

        • Vee

          Hey, hey, hey now… I'm Alaskan and I could drive this no problems! Certain sections of the US wouldn't be able to handle this but there are some of us that can navigate it no problems sir.

        • I_Hate_Paula

          Sweeds don't really know how to spell properly.

        • ride

          Swedes in general would be able to handle roads like that!
          With the exception of Stockholmers who get just as surprised by the snow every damn year!
          I know for a fact parts of America are equally used to driving in those conditions!
          it all comes down to good tires and experience! 4×4 helps! 😛

          • SheriffPablo

            tell that to every asshole i see blow by me in their 4×4 SUV here in michigan in the winter. I usually see 80% of them again…Spun out in the ditch five miles down the road. 4×4 may be helpful but it sure doesn't make you invincible.

            • ride

              Hahaha! like i said it helps but without experience and good tires you are better off staying home!

            • Green Mountain Bot

              Having power to four wheels doesn't help one bit when none of those wheels has traction.

    • Brian

      Come on man, what if these people ran out of beer at home? You expect them to just wait out the snowfall SOBER?

    • caait.e

      snow'd in = ston'd in.

      have you ever had the munchies?? i mean.. c'mon

  • Wet_tosti

    Urban car pinball.

    • cormacmc

      Obviously Suburban from the video footage, but I guess I know what you mean.

  • johnny


    • caleb

      LOOK OUT, comin' in hot!

  • Snail

    Im from Utah this was crazy! ❤ a Utah Chivette

    • anony

      i'm horny for you

    • Jaba

      Pics of your boobs or you are no Chivette.

      • alejandro

        tits of gtfo

        • TaskMaster

          Hey kid, want to know the best way to get girls to not talk to you?

          • Snail

            Thanks TaskMaster, my thoughts exactly

          • alejandro

            hey kid,

            if it works, it works.

            p.s. it works for me.

            • truth

              on google perhaps

              • alejandro

                unlike you guys, i log off the internet every once in a while and GO OUTSIDE

      • Snail

        Been done

        • Rafael - RS

          so fast?
          that name is wrong then.

          • Snail


            • iChive

              Utah girls = smokin'. Well, not really, since that's against the religion, but you get my point. (801) in the house!

        • Jaba


  • Sam

    As long as i have lived in Utah people around here just don't get how to drive in snow ever.

    • j22

      wow. well this seemed like ice to me. no one, no one can drive on ice.

      • Guesty

        I can, but then again i have an offroad 4×4 with ice tires :))

      • EasternCanuck

        Very slipery but not really ice… but poor tires… probably all summer tires or all season tires
        Studded tires drive on ice and that's why I run them up here in Canada.

        • yoselahonda

          See how steep the slop is?

          • EasternCanuck

            Yep, studded tires on my 4 wheel drive truck wouldn't have a problem with that. Summer tires turn rock hard in that weather and are basically crazy carpets. Winter tires alone would make a huge difference… add studs and they would've all been fine.

          • dukeofohio

            do you mean "see how not steep the slope is?" it looked like all they did was stomp on the gas and then stomp on the brake. gear down and dont drive like a jackass and they would have ben fine

      • Frank

        Oh yeah? Do me a favor and don't move to Canada.

    • iChive

      Lived in Utah 18 years then moved to California…people drive worse in the rain here than they do in the snow there.

    • caait.e

      then they aren't native to snow

  • Stephen

    Just ken block that shit c’mon people

    • Csquaredapparel

      1 dude ken blocked it! came in hot and left hot! HA

  • Unfkngblvbl

    It was like everyone just got in their cars and said "challenge accepted"

    • Jester

      Challenge: Get on failblog…

      • lol


  • gavin

    That’s my street! every time it snows ppl are always sliding all crazy!

  • Jason

    i feel like that road should have been blocked off ~10 accidents before the end of the video

    • HUH?

      you cant pass a law against "stupid", this wasnt much of a hill, this was probly happening on every road in the area.

  • Get Real

    Go really really really fast and then slam on the breaks – trust me this works well in icy/snowy conditions

    • Stew

      Don't forget to turn the wheel as quickly and as often as possible.

      • PD74

        Or the brakes

      • sadman

        Turn hard in either direction and wait for results.

        • iChive

          Pull the emergency brake for extra effect.

    • spartus

      this applies to the idiot driver @4:15

      • Jay

        I kept thinking the whole time "let off the f***ing brakes", would've helped prevent a lot of these. The moment you lock up your wheels, you're on skis. Not exactly the best traction available.

    • John

      IT'S A TRAP!

  • Mooch

    The entire nation of Canada just shakes it head at this video.

    • c.rick


    • burns

      I just laughed my ass off. fucken noobs lol

    • Tan

      Hahahaha oh so true!

    • Dave

      Honestly, was this the first snowfall ever in Utah??

    • Adam

      Because were smart enough not to record our stupid drivers in the winter? The highway near my place is riddled with cars in the ditch come winter. lol. Stupidity has no borders.

    • Josh

      Also all of New England

    • Pat C.

      fucking amateures

    • Black6dog

      And Colorado, at least our snow speeders have the courtesy of knowing how to drive on snow

    • Sinbadverybad

      Wisconsin just laughed and said that is a normal day here in January

    • the Norwegian

      We can't stop laughing here in Norway as well. Conditions like these goes for about 6-7 months each year. Noobs!

  • Stephen

    Haha these people blow at driving. Come to Canada this shit lasts 7 months here

    • Kyle

      the difference is when it snows down south is melts and refreezes and turns into ice. I don't care how good of a driver you are you can't grip rubber to ice.

      • None

        Who said it ws anything about being a good driver. We canucks have a good enough sense to stay off the f–king roads, especially ones like that one.

        That said, in this video at least 3/4 of the wrecks are completely avoidable. People pulling out to pass other cars, driving far too fast for conditions and obviously not equipping their vehicles with tires made for these conditions…

        Not to mention the pathetic lack of any sort of intervention by all those people standing around…. I guess it never occured to them to go to the top of the hill and stop people from going down it? In Canada the guy living at the top of the hill would be out in a lawn chair with a cooler of beer, turning people around. In America they make a video and post it to youTube.

        American cars are equipped with thermometers and windows, just like Canadians'. That is all that you need to avoid putting yourself and your vehicle in a situation like this.

        And people wonder why car insurance rates are so high.

      • Dave

        you can with Winter tires! If the snowfall was a freak occurance, then find I understand, but if it's not then I have no sympathy … Prepare for winter! Don't whine about melting and refreezing. That shit happens in Canada too …. in fact it's been freezing rain for 2 days here in Ottawa.

    • I Challenge You

      This shit lasts 9 months i northen Sweden, you are welcome to get over hear and accept the challenge.. Your car wont last more then 1 day!

    • electromaster

      Nope, I like it fine in the U.S.

    • yoselahonda

      Ice isn't as slick once the temp gets well below zero. When it hovers around 32 you can get a combination of wet and ice which is the perfect recipe for too-slick-to-drive-no matter-how-awesome-you-or-your-car-is conditions.

      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

        32?! Ice when its 32!?! thats hot ice

    • DoomsDayDub

      Congratulations to all the ass hats who have to live with terrible weather almost all year. Glad you know how to drive on it better than Americans. Here is a cigar!


      Then I would be living in Canada, FUCK THAT!!!!

  • Spence

    American drivers are shit

    • Slauterhause

      You bore me

    • Kyle

      Yeah, because no one else every wrecks cars…

  • matt

    That shit wouldn't happen if everyone drove an Audi…at least according to the Audi commercial.

    • someone


  • Randazzle

    Is that road on a lake? 4X4 trucks can't idle in place let alone move

    • cr1min4l

      yea, its a lake on a hill….

  • http://ilovethechive.wordpress.com ilovethechive

    Some of the funniest video I have ever seen of stupid people. Idiocracy here we come!

  • Read the JLA

    More proof that 4WD or AWD doesn't help you stop. Stay off the roads in situations like this.

    • 5280SubyWRX

      4WD or AWD won't help anyone anyway, it doesn't matter how many wheels have power when you're on the ice.

      • caleb

        You were the kid in the class that asked or tried to answer the same fucking question that was just asked or answered, weren't you?

        • Dcolbert

          SubyWRX is pointing out that not only will AWD/4WD not help you *stop*, it also won't help you steer if you've got all 4 wheels on ice (or if you're hyrdoplaning or other low traction situations).

          All things considered, I'm guessing the guy who drives a Subaru WRX has a little more personal experience with this.

  • andy

    dumbass drivers

  • James

    I drove on that road that day. I AM good at driving in the snow. That road was insanely slick. There was no way to control a car that day. I somehow made it through without damage. Some of the people in the clip clearly can't drive in the snow, but it just didn't matter that day.

    • maybewhy

      someone had a hose on the road before the snow came

    • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

      Is that road slanted or something, it seems like everyone was being pulled at the curb. I drove in snow like that in Chicago and never had that problem unless i was driving in a curve

  • mr.plow


    • Dcolbert

      I live in NE Ohio now. People always talk about how rough it must be coming from California to a place with this much snow. The most snow we've had here since I've been here has been about 3' accumulation over a 5 day or so period – that melted off within a couple of weeks. I tell the people here about how it'll dump 10' of snow over a weekend in Tahoe – and how people get off on logging roads and they don't find them until the spring thaw in California, Utah and Washington. People get in trouble on the Grapevine every year, too – so it isn't just Northern California. Arguably, California has some of the WORST winter weather driving conditions in the United States, depending on which part of California you're in.

  • from afar

    Are people really this stupid?? It's a neighborhood street, so it's unlikely that you're unfamiliar with the terrain. Slow the f$%k down, or just don't drive. And for God's sake, QUIT FLOORING YOUR GAS PEDAL!!!

    • yoselahonda

      It has houses on it, but it's a pretty major thoroughfare to the upper part of town. Gravity gave those people speed, not the gas pedal.

    • HUH?

      yeah, some of those cars were flying. gear down and chive on.

      • iChive

        That's what I was thinking the entire time…downshift!

  • phil

    Block the road maybe instead of filming it? Idiot camera dick

    • phil sucks

      yeah that's totally his responsibility…walk up and take on uncontrolled cars to block off the road which he obviously has proper signage for…

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Hope you're not my neighbor…."hey my neighbors house is on fire…oh well it's not my responsibility to do anything…hope they're ok….oh well, back to checkin the chive!"

      • Garrett7292

        Ensuring the safety of others should always be on the top of anyone's list of shit to do that day. Instead of recording it with your finger in the way half the time, why not call the local police and warn them that the road that you live on is dangerous, potentially stopping any of these people from messing up their vehicles.

        "Naw, fuck that, I'm gonna record this, maybe I'll make it big on YouTube."

    • Steve

      I am with you phil at least get to the top of the hill and say " I have seen 10 accident on the road today don't try it" instead of just saying "here comes another one"

    • Black6dog

      For reals; I don't give a fuck how "little" it is your responsibility, climb the hill and wave people to slow down. Are people really that lazy and selfish they can't contribute to society for 10 fucking minutes?

    • Ang

      So it was Zapruder's fault?

    • heywoodjablowme

      yeah, and if he tried that everyone driving by would be telling him to go fuck himself because people are assholes.

  • General Zod

    WOW! My little hometown made the Chive. Very cool…

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