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  • anonymous

    funniest video ive seen in a while, and it sums up winter drivers in utah really well. go 2 days without snow and they forget all over again

  • Sisco

    "..Starts slow but picks up"
    I see what you did there…

  • naelst

    How about changing to snow tires before taking a drive that day?

  • Anonymous

    90% white cars

  • http://twitter.com/ViaDaInternetz @ViaDaInternetz

    I just love those people who like saw ten care pulled over with damage, and thought…NAH MAN, I GOT THIS!

  • NMmezmir

    haha at first, i was going to say, 'i wish people in new mexico could drive this well' and then i watched the rest of the video. come on now, we here in new mexico, where it is a desert i might add, can drive better than this on snow. Haha you guys fail.

  • C-Mo

    @ 2:49 Llliiiike a glove!

  • captain obvious

    instead of video taping and watching their neighbors lose thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles and risk someone getting severely injured or even killed – perhaps they could have used their creativity to make a warning sign instead pointing and clicking their red button

    just a thought

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  • Panos

    what about wheel antislip chains ? dont they help up there? or there is to much snow for them?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kara.mazza Kara Mazza

    Clearly NOT Canadian 🙂

  • tinke

    One word you American's… Winter tyres! Ever heard of them? They'll keep you on the road, even on ice. But please, try the nordic ones, not the cheap ones.

  • bobbywindham

    @ 2:20 he totally did that on purpose.

  • JT1120

    Which is why I moved to Florida.

  • http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com nanayane

    Reblogged this on Yane’s Wicked Blog-i-ness and commented:
    this is all fun…ya know the crashing and terrifying scariness…but I’ve decided IF I ever decide to do any recording…I’m getting a tripod…

  • JDP

    how hard is it to go straight in the snow WOW

  • Whitewolfak907

    Noone thought to go up top and tell them
    Don’t go this way or put it in low
    From Alaska

  • Tickler

    How bald are those tires? Some of those cars don't even look like they are on all seasons?

  • B.A.

    Those drivers weren't nearly as bad as the camera work. That guy needs either a tripod or a serious detox.

  • Brocksamsung

    Holy flying pigs! I complain of the midwest but it clearly doesnt get as bad as this! Feel bad for those people but couldn’t help but laugh hahaha (sorry) Keep Calm and Chive On!

  • Jenna.

    Canada is totally laughing at you! There is barely any snow out there and it looks like mass chaos out there. Come and learn how to survive a real winter! 😀

  • staticnoise

    A day of fail followed by more fail with just a touch of win for no one got run over!

  • Kelby C

    i live just a couple miles up from that. It is in Utah. In my opinion, home of the most selfish and worst drivers in the world! I feel safer in Cali. than in Utah.

  • derrickp16

    People slow your cars down before you hit the hill, when there is snow and ice on the road and its slick dont slam on your breaks, in Canada we drive on worse roads than that for 7 months a year lol

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