• Derek

    Where in Utah is this? It looks familiar

  • http://twitter.com/slemmedved @slemmedved

    Winter tires. Use them. With biycles, just use cyclocross or 8×8 tires. Touring tires tend to effect sir skid-a-lot in the front and rear.

  • mooberrys

    I live in Bountiful and let me just say how steep that road is, you cant tell in the video but its very steep and is also the begining of a main road here so no wonder there were lots of people driving on it. but yes it should have been blocked off early on.

  • IICoLt45II

    2:22 – 2:36 nice 360 haha almost looked planned

  • LOLZ

    lol who cares about arguing who's a better driver. Cant we all just enjoy a good LOL together

  • DylanSOB

    Well that was exceedingly dangerous! I've seen my fair share of icy roads (Northern Albertan Chiver here), but I don't understand how there was dozens of wrecks on that hill and no one bothered to call the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

    It doesn't matter how bad the roads are those guys will make it there! Only thing that will slow people down I find is the flashing red and blues!

    But without some serious winter tires this road is obviously impassable. Here's a hint, if you are stopped and your vehicle is sliding sideways off the road due to nothing other than the crown in the road that is a problem.

    Anyways, we are having the warmest winter here I've seen in a decade! Thanks for shouldering some of the snow for us "down under" you guys are great pals 😀

    -Chive on!

  • chibouki

    Winter tires. Nothing to do with skills here.

  • passionboxster

    I am Canadian and i'm not laughing. Be carefull, !!

  • Dkt mrtn

    Dude in the white cavalier with the steezy 360!

  • RyRy1480

    Just throwin this out there. If you fail the state written driving test in Utah, they hand you the driver's handbook and have you take it again…open book. Which means you don't have to actually learn a GODDAMN thing about right of way, how to recover from a skid, how to stay the f#$k out of the left lane if traffic is passing you on the right. And they sure is shit never teach any of the guys with the massive 4 wheel drive trucks that 4 wheel drive doesn't mean you can stop faster on a sheet of ice. If you ever pass through, plan on getting stuck behind the dreaded "Mormon Road Block" (When two cars drive side by side going 60 on the freeway so no one can pass). We have great scenery here at least.

  • Dale

    american drivers

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjUdMmnf0ko lastnamefirst

  • acoustrix

    That wagon at about 1:05 has mad skills

  • http://www.seppp.in Sexy Girls

    You put water on the street ?

  • Gun_guy

    Whew, that guy had some reservation. I'd want to be beating some asses the way some were driving.

  • Hojonny

    Us people in Wisco know how to drive in the snow. Maybe it's all the doughnuts we do in parking lots. Practice makes perfect I guess.

  • Luke

    Its like the cliff jumping lemmings

  • Presiden

    I LOVE the 1978-81 Camaros!!! I had a 1981 Sport Coupe/ Z28 clone with a 6.6 400 engine, I miss that car so much, but now I might get a 1980 Z28 4 speed! Love this Camaro man, great job!

  • Ahmed

    AndyTheBeastlyActor on July 6, 2008 The audio and videos suck. That’s neal for you. He coulndt keep his camera steady during R

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