Yer doing it right (33 photos)

  • Jack_LeMac

    I dunno what you guys were talking about, #22 is clearly a Beyonce lookalike

    • Truth

      I can see it. Think it's interesting all the composite models are brunette. Guess blondes aren't popular anymore?

  • zachytobaccy


    Mrs. Pop?

  • JRGray

    #16 Reverse Friend Zone?

    • Grant

      Thats my Wife and my best friend….. LOL, She offered, said she could handle it so we let her…..

  • Anonymous


  • BigOkie

    #17 Honestly? I'd take one that's about halfway between those two. IMHO, too thin is as bad as too thick.

    • Craigery

      The chubbier one is probably more fun in the sack, and she'll eat a cheesesteak with you afterwards.

    • everyone

      I was thinking the same thing. #22 is averaging faces, so #17 should average fat distribution.

  • ishavedmyballs4dis

    #8. those cupcakes taste like sh!t

    • Marios145

      it is shit, austin!

  • Anonymous

    How many times can you possibly post #23?

  • GoForth


    "Where is Thumbkin, where is Thumbkin?"

    "Here I am!"

  • harleyxx

    #22 Where did the freakishly long neck come from?

  • Craigery

    #10 No problem, she can slurp it off the table with her duck lips.

  • tralfaz

    I would watch #28.

  • Pointed Sticks

    #6 Gross why would sarah jessica parker pose with a troll

  • VileThings

    #4 made me chuckle.

  • Thats Her

    Its Deena Duos…..Don't search you will terrify yourself!!!!!

    • Zebedee

      Should have taken your advice. I searched now i cant stop seeing them. I'm trying to poke out my mind's eye.

  • WOW

    #17 now back to the kitchen

    • WOW

      sorry #16 totally f'd that up

      • Meeg

        yes you did. one would argue that the first girl in #17 might like to stay out of the kitchen for a while… while the second woman might want to visit it more often.

        • steady

          In a survival situation, you could take two, put her in 1's belly button and spin her really fast and the friction will create fire!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #22 Just give me Kate Beckinsale, enough said.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Or that ungodly hot Dutchess of York…

  • luckyB

    no more of #11 #12 #18 and #23…seriously….stop.

  • WTF

    studio or nothing fukin answer the question morons

  • sotirisk7

    #17 She's wearing the watch on the wrong hand… That's the only difference…

  • Lint6

    Wheres TheChive android app!

  • ThornyDevil

    The problem with #22 is that all of them aren't Kelly Brook.

    • P90

      True, she is already the 'Ideal' woman.

  • Brother Maynard

    #10 double fail for the duck face.

  • Trooner

    #2 Does Bad even begin to describe it?

  • rob

    #23 enough is enough. its not that good a pic.

  • Trooner

    #29. Mmmmm. Human soup needs more human

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