Hot Right Now: People with porn stars and strippers in their family reveal how they found out (6 Photos)

Hiding booze in your facebook pictures has never been easier (35 Photos)

These photos via Boozecats

  • Jared

    #17, Pink Bandanna, pig tails…Find her.

  • newscot

    *No cats were harmed in the making of this gallery*

  • Marcos

    Find #17 pink banana girl!! Also moar #23 girl on right and #33 girl on right!!!!

  • PubicJones

    Already seen this. Post new shit.

  • adam

    #15 has freakishly large hands

  • 2Dogs

    this is just off the hook awesome…

  • njjw

    How can I do this to my photos? The covering beer in facebook for "idiots" version? Help please!

  • Mason420

    #24 Edward Pussyhands

  • http://dumbest skinny

    Dumbest post ever!

    • Stick

      If you're ashamed of your drinking, either don't do it or don't take/post photos.

  • Commando00

    Ok I laughed wayyyyyy harder than I should have at this……must be one of those days…

  • DWSmith

    #18 made me laugh way harder than it should’ve done…infact they all did!

  • Anon

    #11 Longcat is looooong,

  • JimmyBoPeep

    All those cats are just so adorable!

  • Nihilist Thrall

    Is it just me or is 18s head dented?

  • Michael

    #7 looks likes shes just trying to hide a dick


    This is the dumbest post ever.

  • Dammit Jim.

    He sips beer from a cat's A-hole? Does not seem right; not refreshing at all.

  • http://thechive carlos

    Animal cruelty?

  • Dana

    BuzzFeed did this post maybe 2 months ago

  • Brian Wardale

    #11 is my fave!

  • Oh ok.

    Oh how I lol. Lol

  • Michael R

    Wowzers…still laughing out loud.

  • kayg

    shouldn't be sniffing the cats ass, that shit will get you heavy metal high

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