Let’s stereotype Europeans, shall we. (31 photos)

  • Jimbob Jones

    Looks pretty goddamn awesome to me

  • NaTaS

    #30 Had to look a couple times to see if that was a woman or not… still not sure

  • etcrr

    FACT: wisemx is bad ass and you are not so get over it

    • Sleep_Salone

      Stan…what's going on? You were trying to fuck Bon_nie and now you re-affirm the fact that you're a big pile of queer?

  • etcrr

    #6 stereotypical Sarah Jessica Parker drinking in Ireland

  • etcrr

    6 stereotypical Sarah Jessica Parker drinking in Ireland

  • etcrr

    #5 the economy is so bad that 150 people trying to catch the single carp in the river

  • Otter

    #17 On second thought you're absolutely correct. I shouldn't have been next to you when you when you tried to change lanes. My bad.

  • eurotrasher

    Errr, in stereotypes anything east of Berlin is not considered European (let's call it Former Eastblock to stay polite) , so most of the pics are mislabeled.
    # 24, find her is probaly aked by a geriaphile: this pic is from the early '70s

  • demaio

    #23 Dacia best auto ever!!!

  • Mejara

    #8 Hell yeah, festival season! Counting down the days :p

  • none

    since when Russia is Europe?
    #9 ; #13; #19; #21; #30 ?

  • Brabant ftw

    #10 Okay, Dutch flags I'm Dutch but I haven't got a clue why the f*ck they're doing it.

  • Kenny

    i feel like most of these are American.

  • Elsombrero

    This is not Europe at all. Most of those pictures come from previous communist countries or turkey.

    Europe is not an archaic place.

    Maybe you think we are just peasant. But, in reality, we have knowledge, history and culture. We simply do not want to follow the american way of life. Culture is more important than material things.

    One thing is sure, it is the fact that we have more liberties than in the us. We do not go to jail for nothing. This is probably why you think some of our behaviour are shocking.

    This does not mean I do not like US. I just wanted to say that I am bored of the critics coming from american that have never left their countries and that are not able to locate europe on a map.

    • j23

      its a joke about stereotypes there are many like them get over it

  • Clown

    #20 is such great fail now that Volvo is China-owned!

  • Twigfinger

    #29 Gotta love it.


    I don't either.

  • answer my question!!

    What's so weird about 12…?

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