• Tpain

    F going to my desk job today… Need adventure.

  • brian

    I love these videos. They make me wanna clock out and go do something amazing, and borrow a hd camera too…

  • Matt

    I'm not sure why the makers of these video insist on including trick Frisbee shots and underwater skateboarding, not to mention playing a violin. Doesn't really fit in with the other stuff that might result is serious trauma if not death done improperly.

  • Fab

    What's the name of the video at 1:52?

  • Matt

    That song is KILLER!!!

  • Dman

    Violin beat drop at 1:09

  • Camkos

    1:18 flying down the hill. is that a flying squirrel suit?

  • Camkos

    2:18 rather

  • Anonymous

    If like is so beautiful why r these people wanting to end it so soon lol. These videos rock people have balls of steal

  • Jacob

    it is clear to mew that I've been doing this whole life thing wrong.

    • Jacob


  • 1manband

    "LOOSE" Control? Wow. Just a spelling peeve of mine. Music was great, but the video rarely showed anyone landing whatever they were attempting. For all we know, most of that was people destroying themselves, but we'll never know. LOL

  • Rick

    Holy shit! I want to see more of 2:15min

  • fist_of_fury

    What am I doing with my life. Calling out of work and skateboarding

  • Ryan

    Great Clip! Could you post the name of that song and the artist?

  • Peter

    The song appears to be a cut up version of Intro by Dagliostro

  • rod

    i bet you more than 3 people yell "ooouuchhh" at 1:39!

  • Rememberthisbannana

    This is cool and talent these people have is definitely beautiful, but I think there are more beautiful moments in life than sports.

  • Dakota

    God bless the world!

  • Jealous1

    Thank God for GoPro!

  • Dan

    This is amazing ! But where can i find the song to this video ?

  • Leo

    They should rename this video to “look at what young rich people can do and pay for”

  • Alperen

    lindsey stirling, yey

  • Hamburglar

    The bike flip in the beginning made the vid cheesy as f%$k

  • Grizzle

    Damn, I really need to learn how to do a backflip

  • Hugo

    Amazing. Submit Your film here – http://www.aptur.net/artetur/?lg=3

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