The awesome that is Barney Stinson (29 Photos)

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  • Ral10n

    Such a legendary post calls for the highest of fives. Chive on!

  • Cool story bro

    You lot have not seen a very harold and kumar christmas then as the gay thing is just a lie so he can get more girls.

  • VileThings

    #4 Happens to me all the time. They key is to not give a f*ck what other people think and just keep laughing.

  • meme

    Still does! In fact I am GAY right now but I still love boobs!

    Let everyone be GAY in their own way. It isn't anyone's business umm… except apparently for some of the Republicans.

    • andy

      the republicans would be so GAY if they ever abolished gay marriage. (by the way, for all the GAY republicans out there: that's what we humans call a joke.)

      • Wrong

        By definition, jokes are usually funny.

  • rikooprate

    NPH kicks ass. Barney Stinson, not so much.

  • Mikeg01sd

    LEGEN—and i hope your not lactose intollerant—DARY

  • Kalicov Ision

    Best post ever lmao.. A tru bro legend

  • Chris

    The irony that you guys think it's surprising that a "bro" like this is played by a gay guy is mind-blowing. The main difference between the actor and the character is the position of the closet door.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #19 #23 #29
    Barney is awesome!

  • Red

    Definitely the most awesome album on here it couldn’t be anymore LEGEN….. wait for it ……DARY!!!!

  • Hamburglar

    The Irony of his true life his ripping me apart!

  • Sluttypanda

    Best. Post. Ever.

  • Kyle

    High-five theChive for being AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for doing a post on him!

  • Eric

    please post more of Barney

  • Kahless

    Awesome coincidence, i just started watching this show on Netflix last night.

  • POZI

    Legen… wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant…dary!!!, TRUE STORY

  • Tyler Durden

    #6 Umm…nope

  • Jamie

    He makes my day

  • mcsailor

    Dude, one of my favorite characters on TV! Thanks for the great post!

  • Gandalf

    #6 What episode is this from?

  • Manuel Van Der Beke

    #4 Just made my new facebook profile picture ^^

    • Manuel Van Der Beke

      I ment #8

  • spicticus

    These are some awesome lines from a gay guy to a woman. I might have to start watching this show, it sounds awesome.

  • luna

    this needs to become a regular post. he is awesome.

  • Lou

    This is a waste of space when you could be showing bewbs or humps

    • Chicago_Animal

      Probably the best post on this site in weeks! You prefer some post that has comments like: #17 Moar

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