There’s something magical about a woman’s abs (46 Photos)

I got your 'do that post more' emails after the first sexy abs gallery a couple weeks ago. I'll try to make it a weekly post if y'all want.

  • jode72


    Actually, entire gallery = MOARMOARMOAR. YES WKLYPLZIMHO

  • Burke Jordan

    All super sexy. 46 is way cute

  • gdm426

    ripped abs on a woman are not that attractive. flat stomachs like #27 & #32 are perfect

  • Double B

    #13- perfection and #28- I think she is actually pretty damn hot!!

  • Anonymous

    Too many to choose from. Me likey alot

  • Neven

    lucky 13 #13

  • jojoleb

    #28 NO !

  • Cody

    #46 had me fixated

  • kjwalle

    Im not the biggest fan of womens abs, however #21 s' veins (right above her panties) turns me the fuck on!

  • Big Baby Jesus

    Any guys who are really turned on by these may want to rethink their sexuality…

  • SARmedic

    #28 was already freaking me out a bit, and then I saw those little hands she has… like little ball peen hammers.

  • LLD

    So sorry, but #37 needs hips really badly. Something just a little too masculine going on there.

  • John

    #45….Absolutly perfect!!!! Best by far! Love it…

  • Oh ok.

    #12 yessir. Find me moar chive. John, yes please make this a weekly thing. High quality from time to time would be super!

  • AbsMan

    please tell me this is going to be a weekly thing

  • @MisterSexiMexi

    #14 Wow! That hourglass figure and gap along with her abs are perfection!

  • @MisterSexiMexi

    #13 I meant this one, not that 14 isn't also amazing.

  • Johnny b

    Daddy like

  • Freeskier89

    #37 is kinda way too thin

  • mikeSC

    #11 yes please

  • etcrr

    #1 very sensuous #24 beautiful #29 thank you for sharing Chive On!

  • Anonymous

    All So delicious

  • Shohara

    #3 #4 Mind blown! I have to say that is a glorious basikcde that deserves to be cast in bronze! Please Chive have a contest that the winner get’s to meet Edmonton Chivette in person! She is doing it so right!

  • YeastBeast

    Might be the hottest thing i've seen on this site.

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