• Anonymous

    If its fake, who cares. If its real, cool. But it’s on the website for entertainment. Not for everyone to dissect it and start a riot over. Get a real job!!

  • Spike

    If you think this is real you're a dope. You can see all those people being held back on the sidewalk with the "real" police standing there.

    • Brendan

      Those are not real police, they are security guards mate.

      Philippines is a very different place – I have been living here for 3 years and every day you see something crazy / amazing.

      People here simply don't approach issues like traffic direction, law enforcement or the courts in such a formal manner as we in the West do, Pinoys are much more relaxed and informal about the whole thing, for better or for worse, that's how it is done here.

      Get a passport mate, it could really be a good thing for you.

  • Pedro

    Actually in the Philippines there are so many people and cars that there are cops also controlling the pedestrians to help with the congestion. This dude is a real cop. Unlike here in north America. Stopping traffic for a “show” is not possible. This guy has a hard job and he is making the best of it.

  • willy

    its more fun in the philippines

  • MaxCMen

    it would be awesome if they replaced every traffic light with guys like this

  • Rikk

    Obviously fake.

  • Jordin

    who cares if it’s real or fake. it’s fucking good and i don’t think you could have choreographed that car swerve he pulled without some skill.

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