• Murphy. It's you.

    So. Much. Stupidity.

  • Nonsense Inc

    Nice, but a naive misinterpretation of the events. The kids (and the chimps) aren't being selfless or altruistic, they're solving a problem. The fact that it is someone else who benefits from the solution of the problem is incidental and meaningless. They just saw a problem that they could solve and they solved it. Essentially, they were just trying to show off how THEY could solve the problem when the adult alone couldn't.

    Remember that video of the duckling feeding the fish? Same principle.

  • Dan

    Awesome, my psychology class just started watching a bunch of those documentary videos with Alan Alda

  • Billy From DE

    thats fuckin AWSOME!!!!!!

  • Baucoin

    How is it incidental or meaningless that the ability to help others is strongest naturally as humans?….isn’t that what has lead to us basically being able to tame our environment better then any species in the history of the planet? Even if it were simply to boast a persons ego the ability to solve problems of others/ see beyond the scope of ones personal problems is anything but meaningless or incidental. Even a cynical interpretation could see that it is a step forward in evolution.

  • Grant

    So it’s in our DNA to derive pleasure when we are at service to others. When did we lose that innocence. If we can find it within ourselves the world would be a much better place.

  • Brian

    Dunka Shern

  • Tesfaye Dula

    belive in Jesus name!!

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