Books titles that make you wonder how they ever got published (35 Photos)

  • Ferdinand

    #16 is a real book. It's very tongue in cheek, but quite informative for campers. Even has some Biblical references. 🙂

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    😐 #5

  • Apple$

    You should check out ‘Excuse me your Honor…the masterbating defendant just called me a Bitch’ by Rita Lewis.

  • Emi

    I saw #33 at an asian supermarket today! Along with the Poo Log journal, complete with room for sketching your poo. Awesome! haha

  • tarancara

    OHHHH MY GODDDD I had #11 as a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a real book! Why did I never remember that! No wonder I'm so F****ed up.

  • Anonymous

    Lorraine Peterson. Added to my list of authors to avoid.
    …or maybe to read while high.

  • Dustin

    I own #33

  • MattKL

    As a single man, #29 is an essential.

  • angelcurry1077

    I’m calling “shopped” on #6

  • awestruck

    anyone else notice operation g-spot in #13 ?

  • Edward spive

    I own #17 and have built some!

  • Jdazz

    So that's what Stephanie Meyer was doing all those years before creating her masterpiece…

  • DDD

    #23 for all that is time

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  • Itaintyabooty

    #8 = The Sixth Sense

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  • Philip

    35 should be required reading for the pansy generation.

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  • mysterytrivia

    Reblogged this on Mystery Trivia.

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