Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Da Sandman

    #16 thuglife.. r u fucking kidding me?? she doesn't have a clue

  • Anonymous

    48 I love the droid x

  • Alx C

    #47 Too soon?

  • janthony4



  • adfsdg

    number 51 needs to be deleted right now.

  • Dex


    Who are you?!
    Knowledge is power… Now get over my knee.

  • P Dangerously

    #26 room for one more?

  • moar boar


    #30 I'm on my way #33#48

  • Asima

    #49 hmm … always on an iphone?

  • http://twitter.com/Jhaddix3 @Jhaddix3

    #51 wow..thank you for your post, and agree that every day should be hump day.

  • mac himes

    #2 LOVING these fight club references CHIVE. Keep 'em coming!!

  • Fish

    #38 Bloody hell, she looks pleased to have an anti-materiel rifle. (Yes, it's materiel.) How does she support that weight? I mean, come on – the thing fires bullets which are nearly as big as she is!


    #38 IS SO EPIC WHY HASN'T ANY ONE POST A COMMENT YET http://thechive.com/2012/01/25/daily-afternoon-ra

  • sjon

    find her! (the one on the left, ditch the slutty one :P)

  • rocknrollguy

    #13 YES!!!!!!!!!! Her face cracks when she tries to.

  • T

    If 51 is all the same girl… GREATEST WOMAN EVER! Eyes, body, attitude! EBA! Total win

  • Yes

    What the hell is growing out of #33 's right side?

  • user in question


    I cant seem to find this ready-made at my local grocery store…the product key cannot be found.

  • rick

    thanks chive!! #49 was hilarious…i needed that today.. CHEERS!!!!!

  • Tommy

    #39 GOOOOOOOHOOD MORNIN! thanks for the first time posting it was Awesome! Please post again.

  • fshoosier

    #30 Meet me in the Stacks of Hale!

  • Jessica

    #40 I have two of these fish in my aquarium!

  • Ishavedmyballs4dis

    #28..who the hell still has a pc with a Zip drive in the front..come onSpidey..err/ Ms Spidey

  • awesome-o

    #51. First pic. That is all

  • fibonacci5150

    #44 this deserves a beer, cheers!

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