Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #19 #43 look good to me

  • Skedaddle

    #26 is awesome

  • whistler

    I swear if crackheads don’t quit showing their toothpics and hip bones I’m going to fly to Venice, rent a car (or taxi) come down to the office, knock politely, and beat you w my girlfriends legs so you know and never forget what a real woman that has actually graduated highschool actually looks like. Though I might need a new gf when I’m done, so combine a couple of thesee attention deprived skinny skanks in a fucking kitchen for me.

  • Simon

    As if we needed further proof that Robert Downey Jr. is the man!
    Rihanna was recently photographed in a thong, show that she will be awesome again!
    I'm The One bitches!
    I swear it's like Chive can see into my head!

  • SurfBoi

    #19 Abselootley adoorable:)

  • Anonymous

    Chive read my mind again

  • Rob

    #35 is Shopped, that is originally a black and white photo. Lawyered.

    • Eddie

      I don’t think he was talkin about the color. Think the focus is on the ‘guy walking the wires’ ………………..

  • The truth.

    WTF? Repeat much?

  • Me Again

    #30 Would you look at her Woody

  • Tupac

    #43 find them all!

  • Grodon

    #3 every once in a while you get a picture so awesome that it demands immediate page down to the end to comment. This is just such a pic. YOU MUST FIND THEM!!!!

    okay, now back up to see if there even IS number 4

  • sgballin

    why do you guys not make chivette underwear? it only makes sence.

  • jibsnow420

    Hey #30 ill be your study buddy 😉

  • Nicnac

    #26 OMG, look at that! The window's open

  • Mr.Pickle

    I wanna see spider girls hump

  • Turtle

    #39 is the essence of Chivette! Moar, please…awesome pic!

  • The Boss

    # 30 where do i apply?

  • mittens

    My Spidey sense is tin… WTF is a CRT and floppy drive?
    I laughed, I cried… it was better than "Cats"

    • mittens u r dum

      "is that"
      I was distracted…

  • Jiminy Jillikers

    #47 – I hate to be ‘The Fun Police’…but too soon. 16 died and 17 are still missing. Maybe we can hold back the jokes until the families of those 17 still missing have a chance to grieve.

    • jibsnow420

      nah officer Jiminy, im good

  • Nand

    #30 holler at me. Love the rear dimples! Let’s study together 😉

  • spartus

    #10 only with your fists

  • Patratt

    #12 damn, if we could only see her feet!!!

  • jerky

    #3 #26 MORE PLEASE

  • http://dirkpittfan.tumblr.com/ thatwasfun

    #12 #25 #33 #39 chivettes absolutely wrecked this post. must have moar !

  • https://www.facebook.com/mcmansell Matt Mansell


    Happiness is a .50Cal BMG

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