• etcrr

    Damn lucky that others were around, good job by the first responders whoever they were

  • Glen Coco

    you go glen coco

  • Stephen

    Meh I’ve jumped in deeper snow

    • Yo diggity

      Shoulda' stayed there

  • Chris

    Im glad that he is ok, but each one of them should have had a shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver as well as the skills to use them in case of an emergency such as this. If anyone wants to know more about avalanche safety the Canadian Avalanche Association is a great place for info. http://www.avalanche.ca/cac/

    • ...

      they might have had that, but its not like the needed to look for him and he wasnt really buried that deep

    • Matt

      Good point — 95% of backcountry skiers or snowboarders would never go out without a beacon, shovel, and probe. Just because you're on a sled doesn't mean you aren't susceptible to the same risks as those of us on skis/boards, and you need to be adequately prepared and educated. The majority of people killed by avalanches are actually snowmobilers for that exact reason (http://avalanche.state.co.us/acc/acc_us.php)

    • menio

      they were carrying shovels, you can hear them shout for one after they found him.

      • Chris

        Yes, but each person should have had a shovel if they were equipped properly. The reason for this is the person with the rescue equipment might get buried, injured or separated from the group.

    • Nik

      They all had beacons, shovels and probes.

  • Not country

    He's got friends in… the right places.

  • llano2

    Not much of an avalanche.

    • Straynjer

      doesn't need to be

    • myself

      Ah yes, the type of person that would say just a .22 if it was a video of someone getting shot. Doesn't matter could have felt like it was 20 feet deep to the guy under it.

    • kel

      you can also drown in an inch of water, it doesn't take much to get you killed

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000219160779 Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    I liked the little golf clap at 00:14.

    • Csquaredapparel

      thats what set the avalanche off!

    • Cat

      That was my first thought! xD

  • Beat14

    I didn't look as if he got hit that badly, however I think this gives a good indication of how dangerous getting caught in a avalanche must be if you were on your own, as when they get to him not only is he packed in tight by the snow, but it also looks like he can't really move. That may sound silly but when I picture myself getting stuck in an avalanche I always used to think I would have some freedom of movement no matter how little…Having said that he did just get swept away in a blink of an eye so a little rest it probably needed 🙂

    • Prangsta

      Well said. I think if the guy with the camera hadn't been looking directly at him when he got covered they would have taken a lot longer to find him.

      • Qwerty

        Except the guy with the camera didn't find him, genius…

        • Prangsta

          Thanks for setting me straight internet police boy. Now go back to spanking it.

    • Joe

      Best thing you can do if you get caught in one is flail around when the snow stops moving. You don't have much time before it solidifies, but the intent is to create a small pocket around you so you can breathe for a little while while waiting to be rescued.

  • tdr

    This would have been a perfect chance to improve the gene pool by leaving him there. Idiot had it coming … another Darwin Award candidate.

    • thejoegrosso


      • tdr

        Because "high-lining" on snowmobiles has started avalanches and buried drivers over and over, killing many of them. If they keep tempting avalanches, they've got it coming.

        • tdr fail

          I can tell u do alot in life.

    • Dalton

      not all of us like to stay nice and safe in our moms baasement like you. save darwin the trouble and off yourself

    • Jester

      Why don't you improve the gene pool and kill yourself

  • Kmac

    looks like the other guy ran over him and buried him with snow. Am I seeing it wrong?? Or was it an avalanche that you cant really see?

    • Kmac

      Thanks Katie! Finally saw it @ :33 look to the right of the snowmobile driving down the hill and it looks like a big wave of snow.

  • Katie

    It took a couple replays to actually see the avalanche, I thought the guy on the snowmobile ran over him at first

  • roadhog0

    Stampede pass can be nasty! That's why you always go out in numbers!

  • billiam

    The idiot decides to cut the snow at the top of the hill and proceeds to drive under it. Really? He deserved to get buried

  • http://twitter.com/RoperFDF @RoperFDF

    This sounded way more dramatic than it really was. -_-

  • Charles

    dude … we need shovels >>> other dude SHOVEELLSSSS !!!!!?!?!?! SHOVEEELSSSSS ?!?!?!? LOL

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