The world’s 2nd richest man has some simple advice (11 Photos)

  • Gabby

    Did a chinese person type out those things? Terrible engrish

    • @jacuzzi_rick

      sank you come again

      • dirtysteve99

        you know, you never hear 'flied lice' anymore, I guess it's just too oldschool.

  • NewYearsEvil

    #8 Carlos Slim is the world’s wealthiest person, not Bill Gates.

    • hMMMM


    • truth

      Timeframe is the key. At some point, Bill Gates was the richest man on Earth. Perhaps it was in that scope when WB met him.

    • lol

      Thx wikipedia.

    • TruthHurts

      Bill Gates would be worth in excess of $200 billion if he were allowed to monopolize his industry like that corrupt Mexican. Sorry. I, personally, refuse to acknowledge that man.

  • Firefighter23

    There is hope in this world

    • gomer

      Yes we can! am I talking about?!

    • dude

      whoops, meant to vote up

  • wisemx

    Good advice, great post.
    Back in the 70's as a teen I made more money delivering the Detroit news than most adults were making.
    (Also built some impressive muscle doing it.)

  • Steve sandwich

    He has not "bought" any politicians. I know the pictures are pretty, but you might read….anything.

    • cajun carrot

      He stands to make millions if the Keystone Pipeline is cancelled, resulting in the oil to be transported via train from a company he purchased a few months back.

      • hMMMM

        before you attack Buffet on banking on the fact that the Keystone pipeline was going to be rejected, care to share WHY it was rejected? There are thousands of square miles of wilderness named the Sandhills, from which about 10 species of animals specific to this region of our country would have been wiped out by us destroying their habitat. Although I'm a right-winger, I happen to know the value of Mother Nature – it's priceless. So before you go on hating on him for making wise investment decisions, check the man's track record.

        • JDB

          I'm not a right-winger or a lefty-liberal, but this pipeline is ridiculous. The Governors and Senators from those states (Most Republican I might add) stand to gain a lot as well. The bad part is that all "Facts" about jobs and everything else is total BS. Independent study done by Cornell shows how much BS it is in fact:

          • Deads

            I agree.
            I remember seeing a segment on the Daily Show about this pipeline and i was amazed at how many jobs would be gained from this pipeline according to the media.

            People who actualy believe thos job storys really do not know how a pipeline works.
            You dont need allot of people to build a pipeline, most people who will work on it will probaly already be working for the construction companys. So when its being build not many new jobs will be created and those that will are temp jobs.

            Then when the pipeline is finished it will only create at max a few 100 jobs. People that inspect and maintain the pipeline etc.
            In the end the pipeline will cost jobs. Transporting it over the railroad creates more jobs.

            The only people who want this pipeline are the oil companys cause it cuts transport and work cost and shareholders.

            • cormacmc

              Let's also remember that "the Daily Show" is the fake news. It has always been & still is presented that way. Jon Stewart commented on Letterman last month that he can't believe that people actually get their news from him. He said something like " it's all a joke people, we're a satire show".

              • Deads

                Well im Dutch so i dont get to see much normal US news.
                But from what i hear and read the news on the Daily Show (even if it is presented in a humorous way) is more accurate and more fair then what is shown on several other shows.
                yes he makes fun of the politicians but there stil is news coverage. He does (even if it is wraped in a joke) ask questions and talks about subjects that interest people when other serious news shows just skip it. Like this entire Superpac BS.

              • A BiPolar Guy

                but the clips of news commentators and others claiming huge numbers of jobs were real. part of it is fake news and part of it is mocking the outrageous stuff that legitimate news outlets put out there without fact checking

      • DexLargo

        First, Keystone Pipeline was cancelled, but only because republicans set an arbitrary deadline. Transcanada Pipeline was basically told to reapply and it would be considered on its merits.

        Second, Seriously? By train? Do you have any clue? Warren Buffet invested in railways because they have become profitable, especially when fuel costs have risen, making them more attractive. Keystone might make fuel marginally less expensive, but not so much as to make railways less attractive for shipping overland. Shipping bitumen by train is possible, but very inefficient. It would be more efficient to build refineries in Canada and move those jobs to Canada instead.

      • etcrr

        His Company Berkshire-Hathaway bought the BNSF, one of the worlds largest railroads for 34 Billion back on 11/3/2009

    • mick0311

      LMAO!!! Now that is grand. Instead of reading these cute slides, you should do a little digging before you get snarky with people. Of course, only EVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL right-wing news outlets bring this stuff up.

      • Adam

        And since it's on a cue card, it's automatically true?

        Maybe you should do some digging too…

  • Bitter Old Fuck

    Invest in a shitty stock market, buy overpriced land from you underpaying job and don't finance anything… seems legit.

    Man, how times have changed.

  • Steve

    how to be rich…your doing it right

  • Cool Dude

    I live a block away from the guy in Omaha. Represent Dundee! He is a truly great guy, an admirable American.

  • Steve

    What greed? Do you have any idea how much he gives away?

    Have you ever read a fucking book or watched the news? Ever? Fox doesn't count…..

  • p

    Wow somebody does not fo their research. Most of this shit is not true. He does still own a small midtown house, but never stays there. He has a gigantic compound just north of Omaha on a lake, and his yard crew sweep the streets of gravel and debris almost three miles to the highway when bill gates comes to visit

    • Dick Salad

      How dare he give those people jobs! How dare he pay someone to sweep the street! My God they might take that money and support their family with it!!!!

      • jesussufferingfuck

        Oh. Fuck. Off.

  • Solatso

    It's really easy to not worry about money when there's only one other person in the world with more of it than you.

  • GernBlansten

    OK, so some of these are flat out wrong. The house for instance is 5 bedroom, not 3. It const him around $31k in 1958.

    He ALWAYS travels by private jet. He considers it his one indulgence. One of his jets was called the Indefensible.

    Bill Gates & Warren Buffett have been close friends since 1991.

    Warren Buffett is a truly interesting person, not just because of his money. For example, he had read every book in the Omaha library by the time he was 11. His first wife picked his next wife for him when she found out that she was dying of cancer. He hasn't eaten broccoli or asparagus in years.

  • big d

    about halfway through these the grammar went to shit. invest in learning english, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randazzle

    My favorite words of advice from him are, "Be fearful when people are being greedy, Be greedy when people are being fearful".

  • non

    How is he greedy? He gave 31 billion in charity and is advocating for making himself pay more in taxes. That seems like the opposite of greed. Just cause he is rich doesn't mean he is greedy. It means he knows very well how to make money.

  • xxwhodatxx

    I call bullshit, this fuck face has done more to fuck this country up than anyone realizes. Yes he donates money but when you take into consideration all he’s done with Obama to fuck shit up,he can take that charity and stick it up his ass!! Doesn’t hang with high society!?? He’s at the white house all the time. This guy is full of shit.

    • Dick Salad

      You sound like one of those tools that doesn't comprehend that the President is just a figure head representing the interests of a larger group. You probably believe as well that the only branch of govt. is the executive branch and every decision made in our country comes from one man…. yayyyyyyy education!

  • Forest

    World's second wealthiest man presents his "rules to live by" with the grammar and spelling of a 6 year old? Seems legit.

    • Jim Doe

      I'm sure Mr Buffet was up all night compiling this just for The Chive…


      No really…

    • Otter

      You really think he put that together himself?

  • PILO

    So pretty much… Be a cheap ass jew bag, dont spend any of your hard earned dollars, and live like a poor man and you too can become rich!

  • Matt

    I have a great, great deal of respect for Buffett but…

    #3 I've seen his house. It's not an NBA rockstar mansion, but it's not exactly small.

    #4 This is factually incorrect. There are both Forbes and Bloomberg articles that deal specifically with his rationale in owning/flying private jets. He's owned a Bombardier Challenger 600 for personal use since 1988.

  • The Real World

    I call bull shit! Acknowledged that Gates is not the richest in the world now.

    If Gates was so enamored with Buffett, why then did Buffett pledge approximately 28 of his 40 billion dollars to the foundation run by Bill and his wife?

    Misinformation on one point taints the rest of the story.

  • anonderp

    Hey this is fun!

    # 11. complain that the rich do not pay enough in taxes. Propose tax increases that do not touch the majority of your income.

  • bh4q

    People on this thread are so stupid. Look up "The Buffet Rule" people. Stop watching fox news, and get some RT Network, TheYoungTurks and DavidPakmanShow in your lives.

  • SARmedic

    #3 Challenge accepted.

  • Obecny

    When the fuck did the Chive get so political? Cant we all just look at boobs and get along?

    • Honest

      It will be their downfall if this continues!

  • Andy Valentine

    World's third richest man actually. But that's just details when you're talking those numbers.

    #2 – That said, most 14 year olds I've encountered in the last few years would have issues spelling "business", let alone starting one

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