The world’s 2nd richest man has some simple advice (11 Photos)

  • p

    His granddaughter also did an interview for the documentary the 1%. At the end of the film they explained how she got a letter before the film was released from warren dis-owning her from the family for taking parry in such a movie. Fuck this guy

  • Allenavw

    #10 I don't think this even passes as English…

  • 1manband

    He says he should be taxed more, but doesn't volunteer more tax money. – Scumbag Steve

    I might believe what he says when he actually starts living by his own words.

  • Jonathan

    This interview must be pretty old. I have read 3 or 4 biographies on Buffet, and I can tell you that he met Bill Gates in the early 90's, not 5 years ago. Further, he does only flies on private jets. NetJets, the private jet company Berkshire Hathaway owns (Buffet does not own NetJets directly, and he only owns less than 40% of Berkshire Hathaway), basically sells fractional shares of private jets so that it is always ready when you need it but you do not have to shell out $25M for a brand new jet. He flies on these jets exclusively and has been quoted as saying he will never fly commercial again. Further, his house that he has owned for 50 years has had some renovations over the years. There is currently a racquetball court in there. Still, he is an incredibly impressive businessman (ignore his misleading politics and unusual personal life).

  • Guest

    Don't forget to suck up to the government to be properly positioned for kickbacks, Or make sure your government buddies funnel public money to the companies you invest in.

  • TheDoctor

    Half this is bull.

    He does have his own jet and uses it. He says he spends about $1 million in travel each year.
    -Time Magazine- last week.

  • Michael

    a truly brilliant and humble man

  • fibonacci5150

    Warren's annual newsletters rock. Lots of witty humor

  • cocales

    Lol, Who make up this shit. I feel like someone is gonna come out and try to sell me something or sell their product.

  • the dude

    How would one go about that 1manband

  • Man Wall

    Warren Buffet is the white Yoda.

  • derp

    I'm still confused as to why personal finance isn't a required course in high school. I took it as an elective in high school and it changed my life.

  • hMMMM

    never knew hard-working could be translated to being greedy. He's giving the vast majority of his assets 95%+ to charities (let's not lose sight of the fact that 5% of his wealth is ridonkulous and his kids already have assets of their own), and even though his family is set for generations to come, how many of you would do this?

    • JerkFace

      I don't think you read this. It says this mutha fucker does NO work. He has chosen wise investments over the past 71 years and saved until he reached his fortune. Then he became a philanthropist. What a life!

  • MD5

    Buffet Only Travels by Private Jet, he is a great guy none the less, but this is a fact.

  • hypocrite

    he owns a 20 million dollar home in Martha's Vineyard, always flies private he bought himself a g4 which he still uses and uses net jets regularly, know this first hand, invested hundreds of millions in junk bonds so he can pay himself little by using the income from these, and his best friends are the richest people in the world… Bill Gates might be considered one of them.

  • Bob

    Isn't it great when rich people give us advice……………………………………not

  • Ben P

    Maybe Apple could take note of his generosity towards those less fortunate after they reported today that they have $96bn in cash reserves. Which is just obscene in itself. Warren = Legend.

  • nacirema

    I don't believe any of this. It's complete nonsense. Sure, he "lives" at his old house in Omaha, but "stays" in any number of other places across the globe. Bazzilionaires travel a lot. and so on……….

  • Ah duh

    Gotta trust the man who sings "Cheeseburgers in Paradise"

    • Pat

      …..that's Jimmy Buffett….

  • Guile

    I call time for a REVOLUTION!!!

  • clearly not smart

    I am from Omaha, NE. Trick or Treating here was awesome. They gave out 1 pound hershey chocolate bars every year.

  • Dave

    #9 #10 Interesting subject, but this post was a piece of sh#t.

  • Nibs

    Can you please make a Warren Fucking Buffet T-shirt?

  • Timin Phoenix

    No one is bothered that Chive is now being used to put forth PR for this uber-rich, power player?

    And that's what he is. He's one of Obama's main people and just made billions more by the way, thanks to Obama's goofy decision to veto the Keystone Project (not that cheap beer). And for those who don't read anything besides the DAR, that would have gone a huge way to helping break our dependence on Foreign Oil, created thousands of jobs, and been a good thing. Obama claimed he did it for the enviroment. Meanwhile Buffet made bit bucks because we will rely on his transport companies.

    • Just saying

      Timin save your political horse crap for the

    • dfd


    • justme

      You realize Canada and the USA are separate countries, right? (define "foreign oil")

  • esd


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