The world’s 2nd richest man has some simple advice (11 Photos)

  • ricky

    It's too bad he has become politicized to such a degree that he no longer practices the virtues of investing that made him wealthy then famous. His populist BS makes me sick.

  • Plurp

    Has buffet paid his $1,000,000,000 in delinquent taxes yet?

  • v81bjc

    #4 is FALSE. Only because someone else flew him to a meeting…

  • Bryan

    If you are going to live such a humble existance, why have so much money? I mean, why is it bad to enjoy what you've earned? There is merit to what he is saying, but, I think indulging a little bit is ok, right?

  • riki

    only stupid people can suck this shit of the story…….
    money, money, money……fak y……

  • Jay

    I don’t compute, not boobz, not cats, not I hate my job, not drunken lunacy or like a boss……I feel there is a message in all of this.

    Oh I see, I can haz Riches? 😀

  • Anonymous

    Warren Fucking Buffet

  • bill

    #4 Thats weird. If he never travels by private jet then why did I see him get off his private jet at my private airport two months ago? Accompanied by five other Falcon 7x’s with only two people on each one.

    • Anonymous

      Its not his private jet, he hires a jet everytime he flies

  • Over-read

    Most of those points are pure fiction. His book – The Snowball Effect starts off with him getting on a private plane with his family to go to his shareholders function where he rubs elbows with the wealthiest and most influential people who come to hear his wisdom.

    He comes home everyday to his second wife and gets on the computer and plays bridge and drinks diet coke until 10 and then goes to bed.

    He's added on to his house several times.

    Read for yourself –

    The legend has become a bit too big.

  • Chet Lemon

    He also has had a mistress for over 45 years. It's an "arrangement" both parties are well aware of. He can not live without the two women in his life.

  • quazjinx

    what a waste of money. he like who needs money when you rainbows coming outta your ass.

  • Paul

    "buy only what you need".. Didn't a guy named Marx talk about 'each according to his ability, each according to their needs'? What out for Buffet wants to decide what you need, or forced to BUY, as in Obamacare.

    Look, as a man I'm actually impressed with Buffet. We own our house outright. We do shy away from bank loans and we pay off the credit card each month (no interest.) Just bought my shoes from Sears.

    But. Buffet has financed the liberal way.. or should I say the 'progressive' way, for many years and has benefited HUGELY in $$$ from them. Yes he does buy off Congressmen and Senators (and Presidents to.) And he does have his own agenda for the rest of us, what, surfs?

    But guys, the advice he did give above is right on, shallow, but right on. So take the advice given, but don't follow his path for his philosophy is rotten once you get past the surface. He is a socialist that uses capitalism to further his socialist goals.

  • Dan

    Bill Gates isn't the richest man in the world anymore. It's that Mexican guy who owns that telephone shit.

  • Stoops

    Holy shit, Chive. Do you outsource your captions???

  • mrjimmyos

    I totally agree with these statements, good stuff!

  • Cal1

    Nit bothered just give me a million that’s chump pocket change for you mr b

  • Andrew

    Hell I would name drop this guy in my State of the Union if my former term went to the dogs. Mr. Buffet is a guy to learn from, I still don't think taxing the rich is an idea that will help the economy. I think there should be more money savy people in government like Warren Buffet.

  • bkfrijoles

    did any one read this article a couple months ago where he said he'd help the US government and buy the loans off of them crazy

  • Danny

    I reads like it went into google translate from engrish to chinese and back.

    • Danny

      *it. (god damnit.)

  • Moose


    His 2006 annual salary was about $100,000, which is small compared to senior executive remuneration in comparable companies. In 2007 and 2008, he earned a total compensation of $175,000, which included a base salary of just $100,000. He lives in the same house in the central Dundee neighborhood of Omaha that he bought in 1958 for $31,500, today valued at around $700,000 (although he also owns a $4 million house in Laguna Beach, California).In 1989 after having spent nearly 6.7 million dollars of Berkshire's funds on a private jet, Buffett sheepishly named it "The Indefensible". This act was a break from his past condemnation of extravagant purchases by other CEOs and his history of using more public transportation. LOL

    And the sheer fact that he's friends with Bill Gates pretty much rules out #7, no?

  • @jacuzzi_rick

    shaaa right, he socializes with his boy obama all the time.

  • Gordon Styles

    In October 2003 I sent a business plan from the UK to Warren Buffet in the USA by registered delivery. It was a half inch thick document with supporting DVD. A few weeks later I received a letter back from Warren Buffet saying thanks but no thanks. Sure, his secretary probably wrote it, and maybe the signature is not his, but personally I would like to think it is. But you know what, for the second richest man in the World to be bothered to respond (or have a system in place to respond) to some 'speck' like me says a lot about Mr. Buffet. I took this as a lesson and ensure that I respond to every single email I get that is addressed to me personally.

    Lesson: we are never too big to respond to the little guy that took his/her time to write.

    [Now I have beat that business plan and have a USD 7m business in China doing manufacturing. I own it 100%, and in the end borrowed no money to start the business – did it on USD 8,000. I wear the same uniform as everyone else, eat in the same canteen, have the same desk in the same desk pool, and work the same hours. I spend only what I need and am having the time of my life.]

    Warren's Rules Rock…

  • rob

    Warren Buffet is my favorite 1%er

  • Jerry McSloppypants

    Yeah. Great ideas genius. If everyone in this world lived by your "great advice" the entire world economy would go spiraling downhill.

  • $J$

    Unfortunately if everyone lived like Warren, his system wouldn't work because no one would buy what he, in a way, "sells"

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