The world’s 2nd richest man has some simple advice (11 Photos)

  • David

    Also the World's biggest hypocrite! He claims he doesn't pay enough taxes and that his secretary pays a higher rate than he. Yet, instead of paying capital gains taxes on his personal wealth he donates all of his wealth tax-free to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! Go figure.

  • omahachiver

    hes a proud resident of omaha

  • omahachiver

    your an illiterate idiot who cant read the first picture

    • greenpasturesart

      *You're* *can't* Don't insult grammar if you can't spell.

  • neonjngl

    Buffet flies on his own private jets, they happen to come in sometimes across the street from one of our buildings. This is an old story that our CEO keeps trying to get us to believe.

  • Mike

    There is no hope when you take advice from a man who spouts 100% opposite of what his empire practices every day. Those who have earned all they can imagine always see why it isn't important for you to strive for such lofty goals!!! Tell them to take there unrealistic, unreal opinions and spend some of that unimportant money on the many, many small business’s trying to make it… A 3 bedroom house with a plain old car and no leer jet could not possibly serve any reason why this man would need so much money right???

    • Mike

      All he needs is a little money for popcorn… His best option if he is truly an activist is to just give the unemployed some beer and cigarette money. Why should they be denied the same basic rights as the mother who works at waffle house from 4am till noon. Just because she goes to work every day doesn't mean she is entitled to more than the mom sitting on a couch with 6 kids giving no parenting advice or any other contribution to this society… It's about time we dumb ourselves to the level where the super-rich tell us to forget about dreaming of wealth and success and just treat everyone as equals and share…. Sorry I would keep going but my pilot just told me that we are cleared for take-off. If you need me, call my assistant, I will be in Bimini. Long weekend and all! Keep giving your money away to the lazy, you’re doing perfect, they will never expect anything different! Tell Obama, I never got the check he promised in the first election!

      Peace and stay dumb!

  • @trustnoone73

    #9 #10

    This is what what happens to English when you drink too much $150,000 Port.

  • Nicnac

    I love getting advice from uber-billionaires!

  • fishslayer78

    He’s the second richest man in America not the world dumbasses.

  • TheOdore

    Nothing beats a filthy rich person telling you that a simple life is the key to happiness.

    • Jim

      Read the book Snowball. You will see he really does lead a simple life. He was careful with his money, and if we could take one thing from his life, that should be it. We would all be much better off.

  • ben

    It’s Buffett.

  • MunMun$

    He’s become delusional. And whoever wrote that list is delusional as well. Sounds like it was translated to mandarin and then back to engrish.

  • edouard

    I am a loyal chiver, and I have just published my first book. Please help support me and other independent artist. I give away my work for free.


  • David

    This is my first comment…good lord the grammar in those pictures was atrocious.

  • Otter

    #3 is very true. While we could afford a larger house and a nicer car we chose to get something more reasonable. My house is paid for, my cars are paid for, and I have no credit card debt. We don't dress fancy, have fancy phones or overpriced furniture. We live well and spend only what we make. I'll never be a multimillionaire, but from now on my money will be working to give me a comfortable retirement.

    We are far from rich. We shake our heads at neighbors who have to upgrade their cars every other year, who dress in designer clothes, etc then say they'll never be able to pay off their credit cards so they might as well keep spending.

    • Jim

      I agree with you, this is the key.

  • SJay

    So….to sum everything up…….Chive on..?

  • Anonymous

    That settles it, i’m sellin my jet!

  • Anonymous

    Did Warren Buffet have brain damage when he said these things? Or do you just not like proof reading? Take this gibberish for example: “Just listen them but do what you feel good.”

  • Jim

    Definitely a true hero and inspiration. He is giving the majority of his money to charity when he dies. If only we could get him into congress or politics, maybe he could help the economy.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Wise words of a simple man that started life in a much simpler world.

  • Turborko

    Two things to point out, one Warren Buffet is the third wealthiest person in the world as of 2011. 2nd He purchased a five-bedroom stucco house in Omaha, where he still lives, for $31,500. Second one doesn't matter as much just thought that i would point that out. Facts were found here

  • ThatGuy

    I hope you get run over by freight train you megamaniacal anti-american homophobic disney-marxist cuntshit.

  • KayMan


  • @socrates1998

    He has said in other interviews that he uses a private plane.
    Buffet is excellent at convincing people he is humble and "a good person".
    He cares only about winning.

  • Warren Buffett

    My favorite Warren Buffett quote is this: Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.

  • insider buying

    Steven Cohen is one of the most successful hedge fund managers. He returned nearly 30% annually since 1992. Even in 2011 he beat the market by more than 6 percentage points.

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