This woman will throw herself at you. Literally. (10 photos)

  • Robert

    Still more action than most internet guys get.

  • crackerjack

    In some strange way I kind of want to do her

  • RF3

    Settle down McRickyD. It’s all in good fun. Besides, if that wildabeast wants to chuck herself at dudes she has to expect to be picked on a bit. It’s just theChive way. Artists are always persecuted and misunderstood. The ones that don’t like it should join the work force in what the rest of us like to call “the real world”.

  • DeDe Gaffke

    I love this 🙂

  • BigManJones

    Worst post ever? You're really fucking up today guys. The rest better be fucking mint or this site shan't be visited by me much longer. You're getting fucking lazy and- again- coasting off of your 'coolness'.

  • rikooprate

    I want a before and after…

  • notinfreindzone

    Saturday night 2:04 am, you’ll be looking to catch her… unless you have some severe masturbation going on… just saying, quit trying to fit in….

    • notinfriendzone

      notinfriendzone* sorry i am minority…

      • cormacmc

        Don't be sorry that you're a minority. Have some pride!

  • Shuckytyme

    I fear this will start a movement, women throwing themselves at men…. Some good, some bad (size pending)

  • SARmedic

    Trust Fall!!!

  • Man Wall

    bitch is mad horny

  • etcrr

    well considering that usually if a normal woman does this to you it's cause they are very happy to see you or they love you. In this case not so much.

  • |3artendress

    #10 was taken at the bar I work at! Dave’s Stagecoach Inn!! This picture was also in O Magazine!!! Awesome to see my place of employment on The Chive!!!!!

  • @danieljillm

    #4 Find her please – I'm talking about the chick with the pink skirt

  • tLoko420

    Too funny…please gif this


    try it naked next time :p

  • guest

    ahh, Saturday night at The Redneck Bar and BBQ

  • DrBoogie_R32
  • Cruisin4boobsN


  • Paul


  • James699

    proof that the closer it gets to last call…. we will fuck anything HA!

  • chicago

    she seems way too clingy

  • eli

    come at me bro

  • Saturday Night Chive

    Drop that bitch like it’s hotttttt

  • Guest

    Truman Capote tried it first.

  • Jrod88

    nice legs

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