Welcome to the friend zone (25 Photos)

  • Mr.Pickle


  • Crooked

    First bitches!!!

    • Djsammyskillz

      your view of success in life is whether or not you can be the first one to make a post on this website's galleries.
      You sir, FAIL AT LIFE.

      • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

        Your view of success in life is whether or not you can rip on somebody who posts first in a gallery comment section knowing full well that everyone wants to be first and some are happy to mention that they are indeed first. You sir, fail at life and should probably keep calm and chive on!

        • Djsammyskillz

          You are so right right, thas why i got 3 thumbs up and u got 2 thumbs down. Always keeping calm, always

        • Zebedee

          "everyone wants to be first"???????? I think you are mistaken

          • stop being a bitch

            everyone in this conversation is a vagina

    • al;skdfj

      more like, FUCK BITCHES!

    • dude

      friend zone

    • Mike

      and your point being?

  • dontbelieveeverlast


    • Jeff

      I was caught in the friend zone for a year. I eventually gave up and went after her sister instead… and I got friend zoned again. That damn family.

      • dontbelieveeverlast

        You piggy-backing off my comment bro?

  • Djsammyskillz

    story of my life

    • That Guy

      I was actually friends with a lot of girls growing up… the sad thing is, I knew a lot of them liked me and wanted more but I was too shy and too much of a intimidated pussy to ever try anything. Bottom line if you like a chick or just want a good time, ask her. Women expect you to be a man and approach them so until you learn to do so just be prepared to live in the FZ for the rest of your days.

      • Djsammyskillz

        Haha thanks man

    • ConstableDubs

      Let me tell you, throwing an arm around the shoulders works wonders. I found out you get stuck in the friend zone because you never make a move.

  • #7 is a DOUCHE

    #7 Is it possible to be a bigger douche bag?

    • Ned Plimpton

      Defnitely no… Man card revoked.

    • Huell

      That's the closest he'll ever get to pussy on his face.

      • Hand of Fate

        You have many likes, but let me add an lol.

      • Mr. H

        MAAAAN!! best comment in fucking AGES, very well done…LOL!

    • bumble

      Freshman. So much to learn young grasshopper. Keep on keeping on

    • BiggerDouche


    • Dick Salad

      They look like they have a lot of interesting stuff to blog about… *cricket chirps*

    • Anon

      I love how we assume he is in the friendzone with both 😛 I also love how people laugh when they have undoubtedly done stuff far "douchier" than this.

      • Dick Salad

        The only person that could find this offensive is the chick in the middle I bet. Here to defend your honor?

      • teehee

        three "likes" , kinda ironic isn't it.

    • pooper

      haha this kid isnt a douche… but he sure sucks at life

    • ZombieGeneral

      Not a douche really, but come on, no one likes cat saturday.

      • ChairmanMeowz

        I do 😦

    • DoomsDayDub

      Comrades, this is a fellow Chiver. Let us not shame him further than this picture already does, let us show him the way out of the friend zone. Hint #1 – Start with some alcohol!

      • DoomsDayDub

        Whoops, didn't mean to post a picture, but he can probably use the same advice.

    • Bankor

      I'm still laughing at this kid.

  • Djsammyskillz

    Jim halpert: A true American hero

    • yoselahonda

      "My family built this country!"

  • FACE


    • Djsammyskillz

      nooooo, you were 6th

    • bzazz

      I don't which is worse: Cluttering up the comments with your stupid "first" shit, or cluttering up the comments with your stupid "first" shit and not even making it CLOSE to first. Wait, I do know, it's the second one….definitely the second one.

  • calin


  • Daily Chiver

    Great post. Good for a Wednesday morning laugh!

  • anonymous

    well played, chive #7

    • ian


    • Hef

      100% agree! Keep coming back to this and laughing my ass off!

  • Kozi

    #22 you are awesome.

    • Djsammyskillz

      zoey's a cunt

    • TheStever

      He sounds rather creepy actually.

      • Guse

        I was more thinking pathetic. I was a perpetual friend-zoned nerd in high school and even I wouldn't have chased the girl for 4 damn years.

    • Craigery

      Looks like he can't take a hint. There's a fine line between persistence and stalking.

      • Tankus

        Stalking? STALKING? THEY ARE GOING TO SCHOOL TOGETHER YOU MORON!!! How the fuck can you NOT follow your classmates?

        • the other OTHER Jen

          you mad, tankus?

        • Stoops

          Toby? Is that you?

          • Guy


    • myself

      Funny thing is she will be kicking herself in the ass when she's either bitching to a BF/husband/whatever about how she wants a guy that would do things like that or when she's alone and regretting picking douches for all those years.

    • Patches

      Why is he awesome? Dude is a pushover borderline creepy loser… So just because he liked this Zoey chick and was nice to her, she's a dick for not liking him back? So every girl is obligated to start a romantic relationship with EVERY guy who likes her and runs game on her?

      Maybe accepting his gifts and giving them away was in poor taste, but it sounds like she was trying to give the stalker a hint. If I had someone I obviously wasn't interested in pursuing me for YEARS I would have been a lot ruder than she was…. I mean seriously if some chick I've been rejecting for years already waits outside the bathroom for me for 2 FUCKING HOURS, I'm calling the cops and getting a restraining order!

      Just because you like someone and are "nice" to them, does NOT mean they are obligated to like you back. Some of you friendzoned bitches would do well to remember this.

      • Sam

        you've obviously never been in this situation, Patches. when you like a girl for a long time and EVERY DAY she complains about her abusive/selfish/poor tempered boyfriends and how ALL SHE WANTS is a nice guy who won't treat her like shit it gets quite annoying sitting there knowing you're always that nice to her and she doesn't notice it.

        it comes down to two options: she's too dumb to see you've been there the whole time and finally she'll understand and acknowledge your feelings or she's just plain lying to everyone, which is pretty annoying. either she hasn't noticed you or she's been lying to your face. no matter which way it goes, she's still dumb. i understand this guy's feelings and wish i had the balls.

        • matt

          because she doesn't just want a guy that will treat her nice and be her bitch. What she's really saying is she wants a man who isn't a little pussy and does anything and everything she asks but also doesn't go out and bang other girls.

          Although girls do like controlling men they like controlling men who do not want to be controlled not stalkers who will bow down and do whatever they want.

        • Patches

          So here's a question for you Sam: do you fall in love with and want to enter into an exclusive romantic relationship with EVERY girl who is nice to you? No? So why would she?

          Just because she says she wants a nice guy who won't treat her like shit, doesn't mean she wants EVERY nice guy who won't treat her like shit, see?

          In my mind my ideal woman is funny and smart and sweet and easy going…. BUT I'm not necessarily going to jump on the first woman possessing those qualities I run into. Relationships and attraction are strange – sometimes the person who on paper seems like they should be perfect for you, just don't feel right… and sometimes vice versa.

          And besides, if she stays with abusive boyfriends and keeps dating those types of guys, why the hell do you want her anyway? Shows a serious lack of judgment on her part, a possible lack of intelligence, and likely some major self esteem issues.

    • matt

      it's cool if the girl really is a bitch but this guy comes across as a pathetic stalker who can't take a hint. Just because he did the nicest things for her and tried so hard to get her doesn't mean she's obligated to like the kid back.

    • bitchessuckmyballs

      man's game.


    Is #14 the chick that walked into the propeller?

    • Mikey

      No, she's just wearing too much makeup.

    • DrGarnicus

      Dude, that's fuckin' hilarious!

  • buffalodave10

    #7 They're not truly Chivettes until we see some T & A

    • It's420Somewhere

      Maybe he'll take pictures of them for us. Oh. Nevermind.

    • General Akbar


      • ThatGuy

        If you think those are children then you have been successfully trained by government propaganda.

        • Habububabakabibi

          what does that have to do with the price of apples?

  • Pete_Rock

    #5 is just sad.

    • eclipze

      She's either dumb or pretending not to know this guy's in deep shit. lol.

      • qwert

        the latter

        • Mr. H


    • homey the clown

      shows up at midnight? Jesus kid…you'll be a virgin @ 40 if you keep that up-

    • DoomsDayDub

      He even has on his finest Jesus piece.

    • Roland

      "OMG!!! THIS IS SO CUTE!!! Wait there!! Don't come in yet and let me get my camera to capture this moment". Dude, why subject yourself to the ridicule? Just pimp away…

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Have they said, "You're like the brother we've never had."

    • TheStever

      A girl said that to me once, and then got mad that I never asked her out…

      • DoomsDayDub

        Was it this girl #14 ?

    • MrSmooth818

      Better than them saying, "you're like the father we've never had."

  • Canadian Guy

    Story of my life

    • SolidusSnake420

      Mine too buddy haha

  • 80's Baby

    I was Friend-Zoned by a friend… Then got out the friend-zone 🙂 … Then she tried to put me back…. Haven't seen her in awhile… 😦 Do miss her though

    • Diggler

      Statements like this are exactly why you are in the friend zone… Just sayin'.

      • 80's Baby


        • Diggler

          Because you're telling the interwebs that you miss a girl that wouldn't give you the time of day of being in a relationship… That = Friendzone statement. Unfriendzone yourself and stay there. Man up, dude.

          • 80's Baby

            Didnt you read "Haven't seen her in awhile"…. "Do miss her" was just being sarcastic..

            • alan

              Cool story bro.

            • Lawgiver


    • gorthaug

      same old story

    • Active_hunter

      Hand in your man card, or we'll have it collected along with the one nut you still have left.

  • PattyG

    #22 ur the man and that girl obviously does not deserve u ❤

    • DickMuncher

      Or he's just ugly. These are young folk we are speaking of.

      • PattyG

        She still deserves the kinda guys shes going after. Dicks. or the dickmuncher.

    • matt

      or he's just a really creepy, ugly, stalking loser who she was never interested in. It's one thing to be nice, it's another to not understand that no matter what you do that person just isn't attracted to you.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        so devilishly handsome needs to be added to #10

  • Polaski

    Get over it, stop being a loser/sucker and get a a (new) girl. Unfriendzone yourself!

    • JOHN

      So many dudes just don't get it. Cut the strings and don't let it happen next time. Problem solved.

    • Bob

      Right on – these guys need to stop being pussies and find girls who want real men not a new gbf.

      • Dennis Reynolds

        Fuck you guys! You don't know what its like!

  • Bubba

    If in the friendzone, try and keep your dignity! #8 #23

    • yodaddy

      I agree if this is you, you deserve to be there. what are you going to do to get some respect, pay all her bills, maybe buy her a car?

    • Jayavc

      In the words of Ferris Bueller – "No one can respect a doormat"

    • edlib111

      this is the closet these two will ever get to those vagina's.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Friend With Benefits Zone next please?

  • Kay

    I still do not believe that the friendzone exists. You can't make yourself feel attraction.

    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Re-read #22

    • nemesis

      No, but you can stop taking advantage of the foolishness of guys who think they have a shot when they clearly don't.

      The friendzone basically boils down to that.

    • Duke McWood

      I guarantee this chick has at least one guy she has friendzoned right now.

    • The J

      Actually, we all make ourselves feel attraction by our choices on what we find attractive. The friend zone exists when people STATE they are attracted to one thing (honesty, kindness) but ACT on other choices (douche). But at the end of the day, it's all choices we make.

      • BAM!

        Well played sir. Though IN OCCASIONS I can disagree that we choose what we find attractive, I hope your comment gets the most thumbs up. Because you nailed that shit.

        Kay: LISTEN TO THIS GUY, THEN tell me you don't believe it exists. Doubt it.

    • Craigery

      Chicks who "don't believe in the Friendzone" usually have the biggest Friendzones.

      • Tyrone Shulaces

        First rule of friend zone is don't talk about friend zone.

    • Dalton

      kay is the perfect example of the horrible bitches that do this

      • James

        Don't hate the player, hate the game.

        • James

          LOL at all the little bitches voting me down. I used to be like you. Girls do this to you because they can. Because you let them. Because you're too sissy to do anything about it. Tbh, I couldn't care less, the more of you in the friend zone, the more fanny left for us men!

    • Tyler Durden

      Johnny….play the video from last month

    • Patches

      I absolutely agree. All of these guys complaining about being "friendzoned" seem to think that girls are obligated to like them because they're "nice" or some shit. Here's a tip, losers: if a girl isn't attracted to you, being a pushover doormat is NOT going to make them attracted to you. And just because you like someone, they are NOT obligated to like you back just because you think they should.

      Think about it this way: do you know any girls you're not attracted to? Obviously you do… so does this make you a "friendzoning asshole"? No, you're just not attracted to them.

      • Cass

        I think that friendzoning happens when a girl doesn't have the balls (so to speak) to tell the boy she's not attracted to them. Girls can get it in their head that friendzoning is better than being cruel. Some times she'll even try to convince herself that he just wants to be friends too, blindly ignoring the obvious signs. And because she won't take that cruel-to-be-kind step, he thinks that he might have a chance with the girl that he only gets closer to as they become "besties". Looking back now, wish I had had the cojones to be honest with the guys I've friendzoned in the past. But after trying to date one, hoping the guy I had become close to was actually what I needed, sometimes you just can't make attraction happen. Basically I'm trying to say, girls out there, don't be stupid and be honest.

  • ctl

    My life in a nutshell 😦

    • 314_nick


  • ColeA

    These are painful. and the funny thing is, the friend zone, much like the twilight zone, can sneak up on you without you even knowing it's happening.

    • Barry McKokkinner

      I totally agree ColeA. #2 is among the saddest tales I've ever seen. Under the potentially naive assumption that he's real, I hope somehow that guy is a Chiver and he sees all his Chive brothers and sister's advice to unfriendzone himself and keep his dignity. I guess when you are young you have to serve some time in the zone to understand that you've got it bad but once you do GTFO!

  • http://twitter.com/mizdictator @mizdictator

    Hahahahahaha. I just spent all lecture sleeping on my friend-zoned friend's shoulder. 😀

    • Guse

      Stop playing with the boy. Just stop. It's not funny. It's douchey.

      • http://twitter.com/mizdictator @mizdictator

        It's a pre-arranged agreement. We friendzoned each other mutually, and it's not #3 type of scenario. He told me to write this as he sits next to me.

        • Guse

          You do know that he still wants to nail you, right?

          • http://twitter.com/mizdictator @mizdictator

            It's easier to assume everyone does.

            • Elcastino

              Well aren't you just so in love with yourself…..

            • Fucking Ugly

              Uh huh…right. Everybody could cram their cocks up that huge fucking schnozz.

              • Guse

                Not cool or funny. She's totally do-able.

        • hello please

          Yeah sure "pre-arranged". He's playing the "funny guy" card by telling you to write that, if it's even true.

          • guest

            i'm the guy that she friend-zoned, and we are friends. i have a girlfriend and am more than happy with her, my friend-zone friend and i are just that, friends. it is a legitimate pre-arranged thing, no "funny guy" card is being played

            • hello please

              Let me ask you this:
              Would you let one of your guy friends sleep on your shoulder all lecture?

              Thought not.

              I'm willing to bet your "girlfriend" is not too happy about that kind of thing either.

              • guest

                i would, and have, let one of my guy friends sleep on my shoulder before. so your point is null and void. and she doesn't mind, she knows that it's purely a friendship

                • Bud

                  That's not gay at all…

        • Sir Boobsalsot

          let me guess, if you're still single by 30 you'll marry each other?

    • Booger

      Hahahahahaha…I was wondering where you went. I'd still like to move into that huge fucking nose of yours.

      • http://twitter.com/mizdictator @mizdictator

        AHAHAHAHAHA! Hello Booger! 😀

      • James


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