Welcome to the friend zone (25 Photos)

  • Hates You

    Anyone that’s ever been in the friend zone cried and laughed at this post…then cried again.

  • misanthropetb

    Ah, the friend zone. I raise my glass to the poor bastards trapped in there. I got stuck in there just once. Once I got pushed through that door I climbed out the window and vowed never again. I have better things to do with my time than sit around waiting for some clueless chick to come to her senses.

    I did find out that nothing gets you un-friend-zoned faster than introducing her to your new girlfriend who's hotter than she is.

    • homey the clown

      read up losers, this guy just nailed it-

  • Ball

    you can say it doesn't exist but it does… How many times have girls gone for douche bags that leave them for their best friend or cheat on them countless times.

    You know who the girl goes to for comfort? The friendzone. Story of my life.

    Thumbs up if you want girls to look in the right place.

  • MariaSky100

    #21 Been there…

  • http://www.facebook.com/heyitscarlos Carlos

    Some of these are hilarious despite the fact that I am a friend zoner and friend zonee.

  • Joe

    I LOVE #14 and #24.

  • jobxus

    Crying and using my tears as lube as I scream out her name and pleasure myself…..FIONA!

  • ramon

    Should have more bro-zoned posts!!!!

  • 1up


  • Fudido

    To all friendzoned out there. Being friendzoned is permanent, You have NO CHANCE EVER to bang her! RUN AWAY!

    • Jim

      Not true. I 've been in the friendzone with the girl of my dreams for 4 years now but she invited me round to her house next week to "try on outfits". I'm pretty sure I'm in!

      • Fudido

        Good luck dude! But it souds like a friendzone trap to me!

  • Heather

    #21….Story of MY life, too. Always have been "one of the guys," which isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, though, it just plain sucks.

  • Bob

    #22 hot girls pretend to like guys to get favours – who'd have though? Least this dude finally wised up.

    Men in the friendzone, man up and find a new girl and stop whining like teenage girls……………………….

  • Anonymous

    How sad currently on my way to go vintage furniture shopping with a girl who has me locked in the “zone”.

  • El Chupementos

    #25. The greatest friend mankind could have…

  • Cavok

    #13 Jim is my hero.

    • Harvoid

      i love Pam

  • etcrr

    #14 happened to me

  • ayokiki

    Try being a gay girl. Friend zone is the story of my life.

  • denise

    my teens and early 20's

  • TDub66

    I guess I'm too old to know what this "frienzoned" bullshit is.
    Can someone please explain?

    • drew

      it generally happens in highschool or freshman year of college and hits the nice guys/ romantics. they find the girl of their dreams and being young immature and lacking the proper confidence they proceed to romance the chick the best way that they know how….. by being way way waaaaaaay to nice. this leads to the poor fellow jacking off into his gym socks for a few months, or in really bad cases, as im finding out, 15 years while he hopelessly pines away for the chick that he'll probably never ever get. its a sad sad place to be if your a "nice guy".

  • Falthor

    #16 500 days of summer… decent flick… loved his greeting card that got him fired.

    • Kyle

      I hated Zooey Deschanel's character from that film so much for her casual cruelty.

      • Falthor

        I get what your saying, and I have to say Autumn was hotter then her anyways.

  • Mmmm

    # 4 I call it marriege

  • Kyle

    These are all painful.

  • Jonathan

    i met a girl.. she had a bf.. we became bet friends… she said she started to like me… i felt the same way about her… then she broke up with her bf… started ignoring me…. and now shes dating a guy with a gf… haha 😛

  • Mmmm
  • Mike G

    Friend Zone = "I'll be dating douchebags and complaining about them to you."

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