• big doo oo

    fake look how slow his right hand is moving compaired to his left

    • TitoRigatoni

      *her and *her

    • woody

      you obviously don't play guitar then (well maybe guitar hero). trust me, its real

    • you're a moron

      You're obviously not a golfer.

      • Stinson

        You're obviously not obvious.

      • Adam

        Big Lebowski, good work.

      • musclerobot

        the dude abides

    • Antoine

      You fail.

    • Dave

      Not fake, she is playing hammer on's and pull offs. Her scales are perfect.

    • Canuck

      It's called arpegios with hammer-ons …

    • joshua

      Your an IDIOT…

      • Sancho

        It's YOU'RE an idiot, stupid. Writing "your an idiot" actually makes you more of one!

        Your- possessive, as in your bike.
        You're – contraction of you and are. As in you're an idiot.

        • JiMMY B

          F-off sancho

          • Sancho

            Are you Sancho? No, because I am Sancho!

        • Bud

          Douche on grammar police. Douche on…

          • USMC0331

            it is important to correct people otherwise they will never learn and it will continue to make our society retarded

            • JDB

              You forgot to close that statement with a period.

    • Jordan

      hahahahah your an idiot.

      • IICoLt45II


    • Anonymous


    • Art

      i play the guitar man, that's not fake

    • scooterbump

      and…. you're an idiot.

      • Found it

        better spelling. good job.

      • Dr.Wilson

        Yer an Idiot

    • Pwithc

      Successful troll is successful.

    • Your name here

      Go drink a gallon of bleach.

      • awestruck


    • Guest

      You're an idiot.

      • JHL1

        Pretty sure it's "your an idiot". I saw it up above so it must be right.

    • Eric

      Sweep picking. Watch how Yngwie and others do it. Same thing. Very real.

    • http://twitter.com/Zordabo @Zordabo


    • Jeff

      yeah because pull offs, hammerons, and tremelo picking doesnt exsist…douche

    • Deeveeus

      Its called sweep picking you goosh tard

    • Corey

      lol she is using hammer ons and pull offs.

      It's definitely legit.

    • zak

      its called sweep picking you dumb fuck

    • Brandon

      you obviously don't know know what a "pull off" or "hammer on" is eh? dipshit

  • Ken

    Is this another Van Halen offspring???


    I bet her childhood so far goes somethings like this:
    Girl – "Hey dad, can i go play outside with my friends?"
    Dad – "No you can't play out side…..NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM AND PLAY YOUR GOD-DAMN GUITAR!!!!"

  • dirk digler

    I love her little smile at 1:28. you can tell that was a tough part for her and she was so happy when she got through it!

  • Jennifer

    Would be cool, but you can tell she starts with the guitar after the guitar starts in the the song…Nice try though

    • Awesome-O

      This is real u are idiots If u don’t think so, go to hell u jealous pos or learn to play, if u were any good u would hear the mess ups and b able to tell, nvm ur fucking stupid

  • Benk

    WTF when I was 8 I got banned from the music room for breaking a xylophone, and yet she can do this.

  • Da Sandman

    sweet mother of god….

  • Zerolegacy

    Boy or girl is my first question

  • Yammer

    fuck.. she's better than 100% of all chicks in a band at this very moment

  • Leon

    You guys are right ! Totaly fake…. she spent years learning all the finger positions just to fake a 2 minute video….. Idiots

  • mepopo

    People who think this is fake really need to get their ears checked, there is no doubt she is playing this.

  • Hans

    Watch it again. Her positions are right but some of the transitions get away from her. It would be better to hear the mistakes and know it's real than have them try to pull one over on us.

    • Hans

      Actually, just cranked it and could hear the overdub. She just ghosts a few sections. Crazy impressive.

    • Hans

      Also, hats off to Mom and/or Dad for putting a real instrument in her hands. Good to know our music future is in good hands.

  • bhs616

    DUDE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY SO FAKE! THE MUSIC STARTED BEFORE SHE STARTED MOVING HER HAND. AND LIGHT TRAVELS FASTER THAN SOUND, SO YOU KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE. Also I play guitar and you can look at her right hand and see that she is just moving it up and down and not even picking.

  • bhs616


    • Awesome-O

      U r fucking stupid

  • DubleDex

    Zoe Thomson. With a little searching you can see that she really can play – and has a contract with a guitar company already. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092304/Z

  • USMC0331

    yeah for those who think its fake listen again at 1:15 and 1:20 she fumbles and you can clearly hear it. be that as it may that makes the video real and most impressive

  • Dano

    Jesus Christ…hasn't anyone on here ever heard of a "backing track"? As a guitarist, I say IT IS REAL and she IS PLAYING. Damn impressive for an 8 year old. Rock on young lady, rock on!

  • Anthony CherryMallow

    Watch the very beginning of the video, the guitar starts before her fingers move.

  • Matt

    That's what I'm talkin' about!! Rock it girl!!!!

  • Eagleheart

    Stratosphere By Stratovarius. Epic XD

  • cheynecg

    Definitely photoshoped.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    she can save music!!

  • PubicJones

    Decent. She fucked the dog a few times though.

  • chicago

    She's good, she's fast, she can hit notes, but can't make the Guitar talk in sentences like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slow Hand, or Jimmy Hendricks. Next lesson take your time, feel the music your making. That's what makes legends.

  • WolfmanJack

    Just the fact that she has a real guitar in her hands and not a video game guitar makes her way cooler than me! Real or fake she’s awesome in my book!

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