• Lowrent75

    She has a band called the MINI BAND and she is all over you tube. Her name is Zoe Thomson

  • Jim bob

    Haha I love the “she’s ok comments” SHE’S FUCKING 8 YOU R-TARDS if you have ever played a guitar you would know what she Is doing takes some skill. And listen closely, she messes up a few times but that dosent mean she’s not as good, anyone who plays any instrument messes up every once in a while.

  • etcrr

    she's great and I am sure it took a lot of practice to attain that level of play

  • Doctor_Krieger

    when she gets grounded, its not no tv or computer for a week its no guitar for a week

    • http://Xnxx.com JoelGuyPersonMan

      Terrible… Just terrible.

  • Mike

    at 41 sec…misses everything….but you can hear the track….still 8

  • Lokobo

    ..But can she play "smoke on the Water?"

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to steal her thunder, but I was playing hendrix at 4….im just.saying though

  • Twigfinger

    Awesome. <- period.

    I can barely get my 8 year old to finish her homework let alone play an instrument.

  • Saveferris

    Congrats, little girl. You've just made me realize I am a 31 year-old talentless prick.

  • ubergosupro69

    That's rad as fuck

  • Kimmy

    My kid doesn't do shit!!!

  • Yo diggity

    Is that a bar mitzvah tune?

  • Cara

    What an awesome little human being!!! I have taught myself 3 chords and was impressed with myself…Im 26 lol! You got it lil lady!!!!

  • gizzmo


  • Tommy

    This is a talent to keep an eye on in a few short years she’ll be makin Van Halen, Hendrix and Vaughn look like amatures. Wow.

  • Hates You

    That’s one gifted future lesbian.

  • Craig

    yea… well i can play guitar hero on expert. blow me

  • guestt

    That is fucking awesome, I just hope she is doing it for enjoyment and not out of pressure from her parents.

  • billijean

    Ive been wasting my life

  • Hassan

    Here she is at 6 you haters

  • That was a....NO!

    This little girl playing the guitar > The guy who definitely CAN NOT sing at church.

  • Bob

    Great video alteration, but look at both arms. See any kind of difference between the two?

  • GunzRnotProps

    its called hammer on and hammer off…well done

  • John

    Alright guys and girls. I'll settle this after watching it several times. She is playing that!! She is busting out the hammer pulls and a LEGATO slide/pull off method where someone said she was playing slower with her fretting hand compared to her picking hand. That song does have 2 parts when it comes to the song itself. She's playing the lead where the CD is doing the rhythm part. Both guitars are playing a unison style (for example listen to Maiden, Metallica, and Slayer).

    As for Ken's comment "van halen offspring" more like Malmsteen, Satch, and Vai had a love child!

    PS. That is your lesson for today.

  • http://twitter.com/beazlrock @beazlrock

    This restores some of my faith in our children's future….not all, but some.

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