Bras are for the birds (20 photos)

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  • Mitchy B.

    # 6
    Who are you and why are your proportions so amazing?
    You are smoking hot and drink dark beer? Are you real?

  • Dave

    #15 for the win

  • Dave

    I miss LG. Where did she go?

  • Anonymous

    # 26 kinda looks like Taylor swift

  • josh

    hhmmm. there seems to be a headline about a missing animal of the avian variety?

  • Oklahomastate010

    29 & 31 are hot as f*ck

  • Ken

    #15 will never drown. And, all these girls make me want to drastically expand my nipple clamp collection.

  • bryan8181

    I be a motor boatin son of a bitch

  • Paul

    God my life SUCKS!

  • E

    Find #15 NOW!!!

  • officerdog

    #32 moar plz find her!!!!

  • the brandon

    Shazaam. I love these posts.

  • Spork

    #17 I'd rather like to see more of this Chivette. Oh, wait, hang on. I got this. MOAR! Did I do that right?

  • koyf

    #13 good points

  • burn1D0WN

    holy #4 mother of god… i'm in love

  • michael1922100

    #24 Papi likes

  • joshS11





    • James

      I think it's kirsty Corner

  • Bob

    #1 and #29 just made my day………….

  • King Arthur

    My fellow chivers.. I have found the holy grail of this post, the one quest to rule them all.. the identity of

    is… Kirsty Corner.
    …and I might add very NSFW!
    p.s. that pic is from

    • Muadieb

      You sir, deserve a medal!

  • Zachary Wingfield

    #15 when they are this big, every piece of clothing is tight enough to be a bra, haha

  • Doc

    #9 Looks ashamed…like she got caught blowing a Smurf.

  • dickbag

    I nominate #38 for chivette of the year…hell the decade

  • duwescrewm

    #1 is #1

  • phydor

    #33 damn. so great I just hit ### instead of a number

  • globalroamer65

    #27- Would LOVE to be that robe! #39- Would LOVE to be that camera!

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