Chive Everywhere (71 Photos)

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  • Miles

    #42 Where abouts in Muskoka are you from, i am also a Muskoka chiver. KC & CO

  • cookiesndcream

    #14 Congrats, ur little “Chivette In Training” will be bearing her tits nd ass all over the internet in 18 years….

    • Edwin Ocasio

      is somebody trolling on my picture! Dont hate!

  • MikeBedlam

    #18 Too much awesome for one post. Chive on!!

    • Kaden

      I'll be there in 2 months! KCCO until I get there!

      • Ron

        It's amazing!

  • untamedride

    #1 fan-freakin-tastic

  • paulhitchcock

    #24 I approve of all except the nickel-plated sissy pistols. Get yourself more Glocks.

    • KillinIt

      glocks are made of polymer plastic. idiot

  • echogeo

    She's a slice of heaven.

  • Do0zer

    #26 Before I scrolled down, I saw the glass sculpture and thought "That looks exactly like Atlantis!"

    • Aznsupastar

      Hell ya! I ran into a couple Chivers actually at the Atlantis. No photos were taken unfortunately. =(

  • @DNihilum

    Heall yeah, CHIVE ON from Costa Rica!!!
    Good to see there are some other chivers here and IMPERIAL beer, la cerveza de costa rica!!!

  • Matt

    #49 FTW, can't let jersey shore ruin the honeys in that actually live there!

  • @DNihilum
  • luckyB

    #41 nothing hotter than chicks with guns…thanks for making my day!

  • Melbourne FL

    #1 please don't be your last time submitting. You have a rockin body…. get it? Rockin…

    Seroiusly, more posts.

    • Minnie the Moocher

      Rockin body! Ah hah hah…..Hah….haaaahhhh

      Its funny 'cause she….oh never mind.

    • Aznsupastar

      i see what you did there …

  • bkfrijoles

    First and foremost we need MOAR of #71 on #26 i should say KCCO from the Fortress of Solitude

  • Brian


    Considering you just asked her to marry you, I hope so. Wear it under your tux and send in the pic.

  • Joe

    #8 Go Bills

    • Travis

      Love seeing a shout out to Buffalo on here

  • kenzington III

    #42 More please from the Muskoka Chivette?!

  • CDT59

    #13 Go Cocks!

  • Glenn

    #2 There are plenty of fabulous bilgers besides you, most notably Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater. He was in my company back in '87!

  • Aznsupastar

    #26 Woot! That's us! Thanks Chive! Always keeping calm and chiving, even while at the crystal gate of the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas.

  • Doug

    #23 Awesome! I made it on TheCHIVE. Now let's see how fast I get fired!! B)

  • Tom

    #27 Where the hell does this medic work that requires him to wear a bullet proof vest?

    • KPD

      Anywhere in 'Merica

  • Heather

    #61….Congratulations! Send some pics to TheBerry – you are DEFINITELY HMOTB material!!! 😉

  • thatgirl

    #27 HAS to be in Northern Alberta

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #57 Bon Bini na Aruba

  • joe

    #41 your face, i like that shit. and datass

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