Found: Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro (10 Photos)

You've all seen the photo above there. Her name is Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro, a Brazillian model. Not much is known about Pamela and she turned out to be a little, um… stronger than I thought. Not that that's a bad thing… or is it? I'm up in the air on this one. I'll leave it to you, Chivers.

  • AllWorld

    #8 Really guys? She has cankles for Christ's sake.

  • Moots33


  • Anonymous

    Wait, wait, wait! Hell no pictures 1 and 2 are the same girls in the rest of them. 1/2 is beautiful. The other girl(s) is big, man-like! So…FAIL! You did NOT “find” her. ( Look at pictures one and two. Her upper look looks totally different from the rest.) KEEP LOOKING!!!

  • Biscuit

    Nice rump

  • adventxero

    One of the most attractive women I have ever seen! I hope she's got the personality to match 🙂

    • Humphrey

      Please, PLEASE tell me you're joking. Or that this is your first day on the internet?

  • good jeff

    I should have stopped at the first picture, all down hill

  • It's a dude

    She looks like a dude. A dude that works at Taco Bell.

  • ARchad

    Beautiful woman with curves

  • max


    Que dice "DAAAAAAYYYYUUUUMMMM!" ????


    Wow mamacita!

  • dumpin'


  • Anonymous

    I love her.

  • That Guy

    And yet another reason I need to drop everything and move to Brazil.

  • Big D

    Hey John:) Man she's beautiful, and built for comfort! I believe she'd give you a loving you'd never forget. Your future wife Dude. lol

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  • gflo

    curves in all the right places…

  • Big D

    There ought to be a law against looking that good. lol

  • brent

    more cushin'

  • gem

    She looks good but damn! Dat ass is too much for me.

  • Shar11

    just out of curiosity men, I am a girl, so if men love a healthy woman like this then why do you guy drool over a skinny girl and say skinny is better when there is a woman like this standing beside a skinny girl…..cause even look at all the pics from hump day, all the girls are way skinnier so why aren't you men making comments like put on some weight, or too skinny…instead of wow, hot, moar…etc etc…..- Im just asking cause Im skinny (5'6 115 lbs)now and used to be thick (5'6 145lbs) like this girl and I get way more attention being thinner .

    • cajun carrot

      Cause momma said when you don't have something nice to say, you say nothing at all. Majority of men like thin girls as far as I know, which leaves more pickings for us in the thicker is better wolf pack. You'll find the men in our clan have better manners.

    • monsieurloti

      Let's be honest, weight is a sensitive subject when addressing girls. It can lead to health and emotional issues.

      As a guy that has dated several different sizes of girls, skinny is not always better. Especially when she could poke my eye out with her elbow. It depends on what the guy finds attractive, whether you're 95, 115, 145, or 185 lbs. You're attractive to someone no matter how skinny or healthy. KCCO

      • Shar11

        ya dont get me wrong def agree on what guys prefer but never got the guys that say they like thicker woman and then drool over a super skinny girl – i just think this is the reason why woman all the sudden start starving them self and start having self steam issues.

  • theshocker

    "Not much is known about Pamela and she turned out to be a little, um… stronger than I thought."

    Stronger?.?.?.?.?. Its called FAT!!!!!!!!

  • SMC

    That Ass!!!

  • is awesome

    #10 oh hells yes

  • TheAutomaticMan

    I bet those legs could crush a person.

  • Fien


  • Anonymous

    I woul f$vk the dog piss out of her…..daily

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