Found: Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro (10 Photos)

You've all seen the photo above there. Her name is Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro, a Brazillian model. Not much is known about Pamela and she turned out to be a little, um… stronger than I thought. Not that that's a bad thing… or is it? I'm up in the air on this one. I'll leave it to you, Chivers.

  • yootville

    not the same girl

  • homey the clown


  • roadkill

    Ya know what they say: if the girl is thick she can take a d!@%

  • Reject

    The female equivalent of Larry Fitzgerald. The bottom half of her is straight off a horse.

  • rocknrollguy

    good detective work. Still looks best in #1

  • buckinut51

    Any day of the week and TWICE on Sundays!!!

  • monsieurloti

    I had a hard time getting past the first picture. When I did get to the last one, I almost yelled, "Holy Mother of God!"

  • TheDive

    Dare I say, the PERFECT women

  • Jonnyklv

    Kinda makes me wonder if “she” has a D ! C K YA KNOW that’s def not the same chick though

  • Zatoichi505

    I'd hit it!!

  • T-bird

    God bless that woman. That right there would cure impotence. What a beauty.

  • luvmyechive

    just beautiful

  • Jdeezy

    She's a 1% cause she could out squat 99% of those posting on this site.

  • shawn price

    shes a horse. what happened to her from the first pic? She on the sauce?

  • Commando00

    #2 #5 #8 #10

    This a gorgeous woman form head to toe

  • Dont1panic


  • matt

    1st pic is nice but apparently is shopped. The rest are eh. She looks like she's a couple years away from heading towards the plus size modeling. Don't get me wrong i wouldn't turn her down but she's really nothing great either.

    • matt

      and let me just say that i'm not saying she's fat because she's not. But she's got that thick look of someone who is going to be HUUUGE from the waist down in about 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    Its ight

  • Anonymous

    First pic she looks amazing then the fat arse gets bigger and bigger. your off the soon to be poked list.

  • KJ


  • Cruisin4boobsN

    The Brazilian Kim K.

  • Little Timmy Hartwell

    If you dig this Hotty you’ll really LOVE Ms Vida Guerra.

    • Doobsy

      Vida is a smokeshow!

  • @danieljillm

    #2 #10 She's smokin!

  • Matt

    She's HOT! She's a thick girl and I don't normally find them hot, but DAMN she's built! Beautiful face, but seeing how thick she is now, I can't imagine her getting smaller as she gets older… only BIGGER… Mediterranean women blow up after 30. Literally!

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    I'm with John. You can argue for or against her after seeing the rest of the pics, but no matter what, it's a letdown after that initial one.

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