Found: Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro (10 Photos)

You've all seen the photo above there. Her name is Pâmela Gonçalves Monteiro, a Brazillian model. Not much is known about Pamela and she turned out to be a little, um… stronger than I thought. Not that that's a bad thing… or is it? I'm up in the air on this one. I'll leave it to you, Chivers.

  • Matt

    Agree with jake^^

  • Cupaneena

    Shes hot but doesnt even come close to vida guerra

    • Jawbone

      Except for the fact that Vida has slightly mongloid features, and a slight mental retardation.

  • Alex

    Sheer perfection

  • The kid

    She’s hot in a balco kind of way Barry bonds would be like, “ooooh shit gurl u been JUICING you sexy as fuck!”

  • Wesley

    Good breeding stock.

  • LLD

    Very, very sweet !

  • abba

    HOLY SHIT! Stacked in all the right places!

  • drea619

    Im…..a…..lesbian now

  • Dr Cocktor

    That can't be the same chick as pic #1, I call BS. #1 is the hottest chick in the universe, the other ones look like they are heavy weight female mexican wrestlers.

  • Jay

    Dare I say there is an audience for women who got some nice curves? What an ass on this girl!

  • Craig Millington

    pics #1 & #2 ………all the rest I'm ignoring.

  • Darren


  • j fid

    Thicker than a snicker…

  • will

    There is actually a question about her?!? She is a bombshell. Holy wow!

  • Taco

    Fat… Lets be really. Dude like

    • Jawbone

      Retarded. Let’s be really. Dude like

  • Johknee

    Say what you want but I love me some nice thick legs!

  • cardy

    great scott!!

  • craig

    The things I would eat out of her ass

  • gdm426

    there's no way that's the same girl


    Bet she rolls her own tampoons!!!

  • James Munn

    #2 – My heart went from 0mph to 200 mph!! What a babe!!

  • Willy Wetaded

    Looks like everything is in perfect balance to me. Proportions are everything, and WHAT proportions they are!!! And since she seems to OWN it I'm In!

  • Double B

    #3 #5 #6- ay mi Dios!!

  • bless1

    #7- very sexy!

  • Teophilo Brauns
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