Houses in the middle of nowhere (40 Photos)

  • chicago

    #24 would be incredible to own.

    • ghvx

      Except judging from the numerous buildings boats etc in the background, not quite the middle of nowhere…

    • Silvia

      That`s also my favorite!<3

  • theonlyguy

    Yes please #1-#40

  • batdoc

    #13 "Son of a bitch! Knew I should have tied it to my belt. That was my favorite hammer.

  • Tyler


  • Effing Shane

    #1 is in rhode island. Drive by it all the time. There’s an old famous photo of one of the owners ( I believe) diving off the top.

  • Jude

    #1 is in Newport, RI. This article has some more pictures and info on it.

  • Zombie Hunter

    #1 #6 #38 are zombie proof

  • cheddar

    They may be in the middle of nowhere, but I suspect that you can still hear banjo music from most of these…

  • The KingDing-a-Ling

    #17 is a photoshop fail!!!!

  • Joe

    #1 the dumplings in newport RI!

  • Someone

    #28 … Looks like a broken down AT-ST from Star Wars

    • AnotherSomeone

      Hahaha once you've said it I cannot unsee it, nice one:)

  • graham

    #35 sick yert, bro

  • Dave

    #24 Not in the middle of no where just the middle of seattle

  • Dave

    #24 you can tell by the rain

  • Moots33

    ….why….??? for some of these,

  • emnija

    I see someone found! As well you guys should have, it's awesome!

  • etcrr

    #20 Very beautiful scenery would love to own this cabin

  • Dickle

    I'd be happy with any of these…truly. #11 #19 #27

  • etcrr

    #19 when you have to tie down your house that's in the middle of nowhere #32 the top of a mountain works for me

    • eddy

      fire lookouts

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