Redneck innovation — because WalMart wasn’t cheap enough (35 Photos)


  • Ronald Morrison

    If`n ya`ll cain't fix it with duct tape or balin` wire, it cain't be fixed!

  • carlos spicy weiner

    redneck innovation at its best,im not a "redneck" for say,but,i would probably do some similar things things.

  • Aly

    Haha #21 is a sex toy

  • lentinant

    #20 epic win

  • matt

    #21 is for those who love a nice Golden Shower

  • Loud@theClouds

    Haha I’m actually impressed by a lot of these

  • duwescrewm

    Some of them are rather inventive. Makes me kinda proud for my fellow 'necks.

  • dorkheimervanjensen


  • Joshua B Gillund

    Number 27 was apart of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas.

  • Joy

    #1 is not a redneck…he is one maneuvering through the flood that devastated Thailand last year…

  • Person

    #27 I can think of some situations where this would come in handy… 😉

  • PisserBabe

    #21, Nothing like a GOLDEN Shower !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really??!! There is nothing “redneck” about owning an iPad…..

  • Rikimaru

    imminent fail

  • JLO

    #20 and #21 are ingenious!

  • Esotericchuck

    Upscale hotels do not provide microwaves. #23 is innovation, not redneck.

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