Scene and emo girls I found down at the local zoo (32 Photos)

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    #13 WTF ???!!!! #22 nom nom nom

  • keepitreal

    I guess its better the 80 spandex….

  • 6kjr

    some of them girls are smokin hot

  • hmcby

    Most these emo Chicks are hot, I would love to Rock with Them.

  • Slav

    # 31 My thoughts exactly.

  • UtahChiver



  • UtahChiver



  • straylight

    #30 Also a dude.. erk!

  • Gallus

    I don't have much to say about Emo girls, but there's always the possibility of an exception. I could seriously get into #11.

  • joshmazurkiewicz

    #12 please tell me you live in minnesota! You’re awesomely hot someone find her!

  • steve

    yeah pretty much all of em

  • Bob

    #6 is 80s punk, #13 dude and a goth, #30 is scene… but also a dude. #18 is a bro.

  • Anonymous

    13 by far the hottest chick ! Lol someone junk punch him!
    Epic rap battle of history: 13 vs. M night shamanalanan ! Begin!

  • Rourke

    I used to chase girls like these, under the mistaken assumption that they would be more openminded and wilder in bed. Wow, was I mistaken. In my experience, the more outlandish they look on the outside, the more limp and boring they are in bed. I came to the conclusion that feel the need for such ostentation must be compensating for an utter lack of ambition and personality. Those quiet, shy, nerdy girls — the ones you never take a second glance at because they are too busy getting good grades — now those are the ones who tend to be wild in bed. Often they are drop-dead gorgeous under all their nerdiness too.

    • Levanna

      Not true actually. In my experience with girls and myself, they always tend to be very kinky an wild between the sheets. I know I am and I dress very unique and outwardly spoken so to speak.

  • PO2 Willie

    men this is why its important to be a good father and exercise proper discipline. Cris Rock says a fathers job is to keep his daughter off the poll. Pretty sure stopping them from turning out like these losers goes on his list too.

    • Levanna

      Uhhhh… These girls aren't losers, dear. They're beautiful in a lot of people's eyes because they're true to their own sense of style and unique ways they want to be. Being a scene girl is literally causing a scene with how outgoing they are and how eyepopping they're clothes tend to be along with their hair. Soo what I'm trying to say is this… Don't like it? Screw you, an don't call people be negative labels unless they give you proof if their lack of intelligence and or flaws in their mental capabilities, loser.

  • Anonymous

    Hey are these old motley crew photos?

  • Ben Nelson

    #7 Find more please.

  • Natalia

    #27 I think is trying too hard and isn't all that cute compared to the rest. #7 is adorable!!

  • Scøtt Bartlett

    This post should properly be titled "my future harem .. given a bit of luck, a few million bucks, etc" — except 13 & 18 .. Those are dudes, so obviously, they are not invited to the sexiest party of all time ..

  • starstruck231

    #30 is a boy….. Gross

  • Guest

    #7 is absolutely beautiful, stunning girl.

  • ObviousMan

    #7 is a dude, notice the bulge in her pants

  • asia
  • BallsOfSteel

    #8,#19,#29 Would still catch the

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