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Things would be much different if Mark Wahlberg was there (24 Photos)

Check out more disasters that could have been thwarted by Mark Wahlberg at

  • MarkFJ40

    Mark Wahlberg = Douchebag

    That is all

  • L

    #17. Spray tan. But he should be doing the spraying.

  • bkfrijoles

    #15 *best sound Boston accent*

  • Austell

    #13 looks to be aimed wrong. No point in shooting the tall douche, help us all and get the short one.

  • Nick

    #13 he should aim a little lower

  • Dylan

    Chive, this is the funniest post I have seen on your site in a long time. Thank you. This just made the rest of my day and probably tomorrow when I look at it again.

  • chicago

    #22 WTF nobody caught the Dirk Diggler here kicking Lady GAGa. And #11 Walkin on the wide Side. Fucking brilliant post Chive, brilliant. Shit, I'm getting old.

  • etcrr

    This is what happens when actors/actresses take themselves too seriously

  • thetech2

    ever seen entourage its was made by him about him and his friends

  • Brian
  • dave

    Mark wahlberg is a racist violent a**hole

  • The Other Mark

    You forgot HE shot Greedo first in the ORIGINAL Star Wars…

  • thisguuuy

    so much WIN!!! LOL good post chive havent laughed this much in a while

  • timmy


  • Dirk Diggler

    #22 Brock Landers FTW

  • nicola degobbis


    non sul mio "OROLOGIO"

    Non sulla mia "BARCA" (not on my boat)

  • Maff

    Mac the intern goes to sherdog?

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    […] Of course inspired by the comments he recent made in regards to 9/11, Things would be much different if Mark Wahlberg was there. […]

  • Kate

    This post…IS F'ING AMAZING. I love almost every picture, but #23 is the best!!

    Thank you to whoever photoshopped these works of awesomeness.

  • Smelly_Potato

    #16 he is pointing the gun at the wrong individual

  • Smelly_Potato

    #13 he is pointing the gun at the wrong individual

  • just me

    anyone ever find out what made his bunch so damn funky anyways?

  • freddy boy

    #7. From the book of Resolutions; Chapter 2, verse 8. "And Wahlberg saw and Wahlberg conquered."

  • robbybobby

    #13, Your aim is a little high, funky bunch.

  • itsashleybro

    #22 Brock Landers ftw.

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