• Dakota

    1:43 attempted rape

    • Dakota

      also just goes to show that dogs are way cooler than cats. if you put that many cats together that didn't know each other, there would be a blood bath

  • Otter

    I was kinda hoping for more dog POV, to be honest.

  • GPS

    Can I just say…that looks like a lot of fun.

  • tank

    this is a dope ass video !

  • TBT

    Ratatat FTW. And yes, more dog POV would have been nice…shame.

  • TBT

    I see I'm on the secret Chive again.

  • acash

    Suddenly…. PUG!

  • Jman

    Was this shot at the Nashville TN Percy Warner dog park?

  • Der_Joe

    That's some pretty awesome footage



  • etcrr

    Great Danes are very cool dogs, the were used to hunt wild boar in the old days and are very protective of humans, good dog to have around

  • Dickle

    That's super cool! Nice editing.

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