• https://www.facebook.com/wohara Billy O'Hara

    Dodge this.

    • Billy O' Derp

      It's fake.

      • Mister

        So's your face

      • Hi Oh!

        Things the last girl said when she saw your penis

        • Anonymous

          The last girl to see his penis was his mom.

      • ysoserious

        and the fake was still absurdly small

    • mihaisuzuki


  • myself

    That's a hell of a catch.

  • http://www.youtube.com/terenigma Terenigma

    I saw this live, it was an awesome catch!

    • Qwerty

      Do you think a single person here cares that you saw it live?

      • Screwdriver

        You sir….are a dick!

      • its_forge

        I do, ha ha, you're wrong and you're an asshole.

  • BigToeNailD

    i bet he was mumbled "LIKE A BOSS" under his breath right after

  • Brima

    catch that changed his life

  • good guy greg

    more cheers for ball boy than famous player. kid won that round

  • Mad Hittman

    Nice, but as a goalkeeper I'm not that easily impressed. But nice. Vote me dooooown

    • Hit Madman

      Guess you get balls coming at you all the time than

      • cerb

        Thing is tennis balls travel so much faster than they appear to on screen. You actually need to be there to understand how fast the game is.

    • okay awesome

      I'm also a goal keeper. As well as an amateur tennis player. When my friend would lob the tennis balls to me for my serve I would try to catch them, and they would almost always bounce out of my hand. Much different then a soccer ball.

    • tagbadger

      I agree. As a lacrosse player, I'm not impressed. Its nice, but nothing special. I've caught worse with my hands.

  • billijean

    There is no spoon.

  • wisers

    well done sir.

  • real talk

    that wasnt that great of a catch to be honest..

    • os310

      it really wasn't he hardly had to move

    • Mike

      I challenge you to do the same

      • burr

        easily. I mean the player hit it straight toward him anyways

  • dadada

    I could do that

    • panama99

      but YOU didn't, you just sat there and typed that you could have.

    • assman


    • okay awesome

      Go out with a friend, have them lob a couple at you, I bet you couldn't catch one out of ten, a tennis ball is hard to catch, very bouncy.

  • It's Rehearsed

    Considering the guy with the tennis racket hit it right at him slowly and intentionally no this is not impressive.

    • okay awesome

      It didn't look that slow too me. Also as I have already said a tennis ball is meant to bounce, have a friend lob a couple to you, see how you do.

    • this guys an idiot

      you're an idiot

  • Gswell

    Love how the crowd goes nuts


    Is the crowd that bored out of their mind?

    • shaunvw

      Its tennis…so yes

  • Anonymous

    That’s how we do it down here…

  • etcrr

    Play of the Day! I had to watch it several times.

  • Anonymous

    Uoa. Riflessi della madonna!!


    Damn nice catch!!!!

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!

  • adventxero


  • bobob

    Wow, there's an Australian that can catch?! He should be in the cricket team.

    • The Foley

      I'm going to assume that you're english.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Aussies: Poor winners. Truly bad losers.

        • A2_tha_MFK

          I'm guessing you're a POM, way to stereotype! Yes "All Aussies are poor winners & truly bad losers". I guess ALL Poms are gracious and honorable right?

  • Higgy


  • Nemesis Enforcer

    $10 says the Yankees go after him in a couple years

  • SweetDannyJ

    The crowd cheering for the ball boy is awesome!

  • theDude

    the cheers from the crowd make it seem even more legit

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