• Mark Wallberg

    I would have caught it sooner…

    • Legion

      Hahahaha! I see what you did there. Very subtle. lol

  • tbirk23

    dont see the hype behid this video. tennis balls moving slow and it’s within his wingspan not really too impressed. now if he would of caught one of those blazing servs I’d call him the one.

  • Mitch

    that is actually a girl FYI

  • max

    great catch but these type of catches are common in cricket

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572571966 Craig Millington

    hang on a minute? who can't catch a ball?
    I'm from England and we simply don't need giant hand shaped mitts to catch.

  • Sarcasm guy

    there is no spoon

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    […] no The Chive. AKPC_IDS += "749,"; […]

  • John

    Insert Freddy Mercury meme

  • Anonymous

    A like a bosss

  • ano

    Watch cricket for a change ..

  • Andrew

    And that is why we play cricket… Fuck yeah Australia

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