Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #5#54 perfect end of the week (pun intended)

    • lonin


      • its_forge

        Yeah that one too OMG what a perfect hiney.

    • jibsnow420

      you my friend, are a douche

  • PdxChiver

    I shouldn't have to say it but I will. Moar. #54

  • Bhoward

    Absolutely love all of this. Thank you, Chive!

  • chiving all day

    Dope. Almost first.

    • jibsnow420


      • Michael~

        If you ain't first you last my n-word!

  • TV

    #12 ‘Girl I’m Hunting’

    • moop

      Definitely need to find this girl

    • JHL1

      Bikini physics – more complicated than you thought.

    • Killbank

      Get out of the way, I'm trying to read the equation

    • Bohemoth

      that's an odd recipe for a sandwich.

    • -k4

      Strip math.

    • Brian

      This photo was taken at my institute…
      Guess what I'm spending my time on!

  • etcrr

    #18 took me 20 minutes to realize she had a smile and sunglasses, giggity

    • MonkeyMadness

      I don't see it bro.

    • Elbie

      how the fuck did we even get past #18 to get here? i'll be back up there

    • none

      oh, come on. it's obviously photoshopped. or really bad surgery. it's not natural to have breasts higher than your armpit.

      • ikea boy

        theyre real. i know her from high school

        • Chunk Pants

          i want to know her from high school too..

      • giggity

        none is clearly a virgin who has never touched a pair of boobs before

      • its_forge

        Could be the only bikini top she could find that fit her boobs without looking like something the Mother Superior would wear. In fact I bet this is the case.

    • TreyM

      it has a face?

    • jken

      same girl? Chesty:

      • boooooob

        don't know but this is def her

    • Doug


    • lbc

      she got on fuel tv for those, this was taken in huntington beach at the us open of surfing. she was 17 btw, i used to hang out with her older sister, who's were almost as big

      • etcetcetc

        i mean we're gonna need clips from the fuel tv show

  • schnizz

    #52 weird al yankovic was a boy scout?

  • Dan

    #47 needs its own gallery

    • Stretch

      it? you mean She needs her own gallery

      • dan

        no, it, the pose.

    • Ian.

      had my friend try this, her legs were too long and didn't fit

      • chris

        There's a sex joke here, don't eat the crab dip… yea! yea!

  • irons

    #54 Women are the only works of art

  • Tyler


    • Assholes Aplenty

      "She is so Hot" would have sufficed and you wouldn't look like an eleven year old idiot

    • Jay

      It appears to me, that with the lack of clothing and all that snow, she'd actually be quite cold

    • Paul

      Agreed. I think she identified herself as 'Wisconsin Chivette'. Here's to much, much MOAR from this team player. #24 you haunt my dreams!

  • Bill Turdsly

    Man…no one could gives shit about this site anymore…REDDIT raised over 65,000$ for a family to have a fence built around there home. Seriously Chive, what are you doing?

    • Bill Turdsly

      gives a shit*

      *fucking grammar nazis*

    • Anon

      A FENCE!? WOW. Man. That sure is something compared to safety proofing a whole house for a little girl a couple of months ago and personally going to visit over the christmas holidays with gifts for their children. Man I wish they had taken on the task of building a fence too. Damn those children in need. Damn those rescue workers they helped a few months before that too!

    • kodakkid

      turd 2 words for you "fuck off"

    • For Starters

      Chivers raise over 34 grand for little Lilli who has SMS.

    • Assholes Aplenty

      You like Reddit so much then go and stay there!

    • Dr. Askel


      you must be new here. theCHIVE made national news a few months ago for building a Safe Space for a girl with a rare disorder. Then John followed that up by personally driving to Canada, Santa Clause in tow, to personally bring the rest of the kids Christmas.

      Before that, they saved the Fluvanna County Rescue squad, a company of dedicated rescue workers who bring emergency medical aid to families in Virginia who can't afford it. Some lives saved b/c of that one.

      But lastly, it's not a competition. Helping others should never be. Most sites don't do shit, hell most people don't do shit in this selfish world. I'm glad for what reddit did, I hope it inspires others to give in the same way the chive has already done. Charity shouldn't draw the ire of people looking to draw pathetic parallels between the sites.

      I assume you're just trolling and I'm feeding the trolls here but, just in case you're not, I think you need to grow up.

      • VanIsleChiver

        I was gonna say that 🙂

      • Koi

        This is the actual story he was trying to provide. We should definitely be celebrating any and all support to the world, whether its from Chive or Reddit.

    • brandon harrison

      cool story bro

  • jhf60

    #5 I'm at a loss for words

    • Ddub

      I'll help: perfect

      • allscool

        I concur

  • moxie


    Is oh so sexy.

    • Friday

      Yes indeed! MUST FIND!! #34

    • Kyle

      Can definitely second this!

    • charon


  • jag

    #32 suck it tony, your loss! our gain

  • ChiverJax904

    #18 find her now

    • User5778

      Mmm…the right bewb is bigger, and they're oh so perfect.

    • VanIsleChiver

      jugs are too big

      • Soap

        Whaaaaaaa? How's it possible for Jugs to be too big?

        • Alex

          The guy above me is correct. The guy above him is wrong.

    • +CRZ+

      Video of her…

      • bigsport

        link doesn't work

        • Insight

          Link does work, try Chrome or FF, something other then retarded IE.

    • Tek

      I'm friends with her, here's her facebook:

      • rat

        some friend you are…

  • Friday

    It's a must, FIND #34!!

  • -0-bumbler

    #16 Pick up your dogs poop you worthless ghetto socialist.

    • caniscream

      quit pooping out your mouth you racist capitalist pig.

    • Underhill

      Let's examine this. 1. Pick-up after your dog. Everyone should or get the Secret Service to do it. 2. ''Worthless''–if one subjects BHO's statements during the course of his public life to a statistical content analysis the value may not be zero but it certainly isn't much higher. 3. BHO's life-time career plan has been cultivating socialism in the ''ghetto'' so I would have to give that another thumbs-up. That makes a total of three. +++

    • Mike

      While neither Obama, nor socialism, nor capitalism, nor pooping from the mouth can adequately account for why America is struggling, there is a picture in the set today which can: #27

    • will

      its his lawn

      • Rampage

        Thats America's lawn

  • Billy J Jenkins

    Assuming that #12 realizes that an exponential raised to the natural logarithm is just what is in the parentheses of the logarithm?

    • M.O.T.

      That's what she said.

      • c-rizzle

        I had to zoom and enhance because my eyes aren't so good, but you sir don't know your math. that is the negative natural log which is not 1.

    • woody

      But in her defense, it will be what is in the parentheses raised to the -1.

      She might know what shes doing but the verdict is still out.

      • VanIsleChiver

        She forgot to carry the 1

      • moop

        I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt since her clothes are off

    • do boy

      i failed math 10, 11, and 12, and in grade 12 i was in grade ten math HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

    • mopmonkey

      something something#12 something something…..

  • JGaribaldi

    Please find #5,#30 and #54

    • fcatch76

      pretty sure #54 is Hilary Fisher

    • Epitomizer

      #30 is the epitome of Absolute Booty Perfection. Only the Union Jack Girl can compete with this.

  • stretch

    I have to see more of #18. Flawless. Oh she’s smiling too.

    • Ryan

      Shes smiling?

    • Matt

      Look at the comments above they have a video of the girl and thee rest of her body is just as good

  • brian

    # 54 hillary fisher, i know her, she is better in person!!!

  • Saturday Night Chive

    #54……. mother may I

  • Matt

    #28 Look how happy Ron Artest (excuse me, Metta World Peace) is in that picture…
    "Crazy shit? I'll have some of that!"

  • etcrr

    #30 skittles should look this good #43 wish I were the one taking the photo

  • Anonymous

    #54, need I say more?

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