Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

Asa’s Twitter here. Ellen’s Twitter here. Happy Friday, Chivers.

  • Matt

    #35 #36 #37 Thanks Chive. After that there's nothing left to do but drive my car into a ditch on the way home from work.

    • Elmer The Safety....

      Just FAP at your desk – then drive home safely.

  • http://gmail.com thatguy55

    #25… Wow lol, find her chive

  • Matt

    #1 "The ARISTOCRATS!"

    • TED2

      "the blood, the sweat. Ooo the sweat"

  • Zac

    Anyone else think it would be awesome if the dog was right.

    • lil

      Totally !

  • Stevato

    Bukkake Win!

  • Cameronius

    Second from the left. Photoshop. You know what to do.

  • Redbird

    What am I missing on #19…

  • Mr flm

    #32 Enter the void !

  • http://togtfo.com Don

    LOL That's such a weird paint job on the side of the car.

  • jibsnow420

    I am intrigued #27

    • Paula's Dead

      Chivette from Holland?! That's PAULA!! And she's being SACRIFICED!!! CHIVERS REJOICE!!!!

  • VileThings

    I can't decide which view is better #5 or #27

  • myself

    #11 Awesome
    #21 Still boggle my mind that I know a guy who would actually agree with that. He's a complete moron.

  • cywasi

    #1 more of the one in yellow! if age allows

  • YaYo

    I am in love with Ellen

    • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com hermesdfo

      so am i 😀

  • smart pup

    #28 The dog understands the car you're using is a tool. The dog smells the people that made the car while in the car. The dog can smell if the people that made the car had a dog. The dog understands that you're refrigerator holds food but he will never open it without your permission because he knows you would not like that. The dog understands the refrigerator is a tool to store food in. Dogs understand the need for tools. The person that captioned this photo is less intelligent than a dog.

    • Troll Killa

      you're a dummy because you typed you're instead of your.

  • Kris

    #29 Extreme bukakke.

  • Crying and fapping

    #27 My God, it feels like my first time too.

  • http://www.Facebook.com/Jared509 Jared

    #1 barely noticed the seal on the left and the walrus on the right!

  • homey the clown

    #29 I'd like 2 find that in my morning Cheerios!

  • Simon

    Yeah, who cares.
    No time to explain! Get in the car!

  • greggsleggs

    #27 note to self: go to holland.

  • Outside Man

    We men should get to know women's insides better, it would help us to become better men.

    • bill

      If this is a lady, she must be Thai.

  • Jimmermann

    #35 Is it me or did Asa pee herself? Nonetheless, nice lookin' chivettes!

  • Stu

    this is Mike Birbiglia. Funny guy. he is trying to get his movie to a Distributor. hook the man up by going here http://www.thisamericanlife.org/sleepwalk-with-me

    • stu

      yeah MIke is post #14

  • paul

    #32 is from the movie enter the void, and its a cgi shot. do not watch the movie though unless you want to rethink your life

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