• Judy Walsh

    God, even my toenails hurt! Stop in the name of God.

  • Anonymous

    This guy and I use the term guy in its broadest sense of the word , is gun fodder we now have something other tha bin laden wanna be’s to go and hunt

  • EwanMcbey

    Its a great song to playover the house pa system to get bed loving teenagers out Of their beds
    Played it to my dog ! He bit me and ran away never seen him since

  • jclarkie1

    I made it to the end!! What the hell was I thinking!? Ya he wore the other guy out all right…. right out of religion!

  • Rob

    How can I unwatch this??

  • Good Night!

    The best part was actually being able to turn down the volume! The comments embedded in the vid were priceless though! What a tool, too bad Simon wasn't there.

  • m45trkllr

    My dog just kick in my monitor & destroyed my speakers.

  • kas

    That's why i'm atheist! LOL

  • pete

    wheres my fcking star ???????? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Nicholas



    I lose…

  • Steven

    There's something very frightening when you see someone moving so confidently in what is clearly outside their ability.

  • Boo

    I MADE IT! i feel my mind slowly turning into pudding….

  • A.J.R

    My ears are bleeding!!

  • David

    Poor people who had to sit there and pretend they enjoyed it.

  • bob

    fake, canned laughters, the guy was alone the whole time and looking for er.. fame?!

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