• jon

    I got a chubby… is that weird?

    • jim


    • even nice guys have a douchey side

      It’d be weird if you didn’t get one

    • teamgrindem

      glad im not the only one

    • mihaisuzuki

      not at all!

  • Zaragoza

    I’d call her before and hope she stays. You know that was she will already be there when the apocalypse starts.

  • Edmard

    She would be useless! I would call FPS Russia

    • Crispy

      Do you want to fuck FPSRussia? I don't, thats why she is my #1 pick.

  • tim

    sorry guys i injected a aimbot code using a microwave technology.

  • dan

    Can you imagine the foot job she gives? Fap fap fap

  • Jenkens

    Id call her for no damn reason just to see that o.o

  • EhWok

    Omg is she hot!

  • Djsammyskillz

    holy FUCK!

  • John

    I know what I want for Christmas!

  • Brent

    Find Her!

    • Brent

      lilia stepanova, google images here I come

    • Brent

      She's 4'11"

  • WaikikiWayne

    Can she cook too?

  • Der_Joe

    I don't care about her archery skills. I'll go for dat ass

  • Anonymous

    I like this song….who does it? 😀

  • jonar777

    i wonder what kitchen she learned that in

  • Crispy

    1. Fend off horde of Zombies
    2. Find survivor colony
    3. Have sex all the way there
    4. Have more sex when we arrive
    5. Have even MORE sex because damn she is hot.
    6. Smoke a cigarette.
    7. Serve me breakfast in bed.
    8. Sex
    9. Sex
    10. Laundry

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