Man spends his entire life savings Star-Trekking his home (21 Photos)

No seriously, he lost it all in his divorce.

To get a full virtual tour of Tony’s previous ship, check out his design website.

  • Lucidity

    Its so…………BLUE!!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s unfortunate- but it is nice

  • Hates You

    That doesn’t look like any Enterprise I’ve ever scene.

  • chuck

    I read the news article about this and it was her house he had moved in with her when they got married. That is why she got the house

  • doublea

    I want to go to there…. this made me entirely too sad

  • =D

    I think i’m in love XD

  • Anonymous

    Looks uncomfotable

  • majorfathead

    Yeah but Does he have one of those food machines? Andorian Ale Please

  • josh

    I smell a copyright lawsuit! where’s those lawyers now?

  • ouch

    MONEY WELL SPENT!!! NOT. I wonder how much time he actually had to spend with his wife. I wounder why she left.

    REALLY BUDDY, YOU CAN'T BE SURPRISED. I get it some people have hobbies, some people are trekies…. BUT C'MON man! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maynard B.

    Instead of giving it to the bitch, I would've just set the self-destruct.

  • 11th Airborne

    I agree…scuttle the ship! what self respecting chick would want such nerdness? Evil!

  • whistler

    She doesn’t want it so she gave him das boot

  • therealguy


  • Nicnac

    not enough lens flares

  • Joe

    So wait a minute… There’s a single girl out there with a full-on Star Trek house?!?! SCOOORE!!!

  • =kyle=

    I was looking at thins and thinking "If he's married, he'll probably get a divorce soon." That was just bad luck.

  • malcreado

    This guy will never get laid ever again!

  • Anonymous

    welcome to the friend zone

  • Picard

    Who would divorce that guy?!

  • DDD

    Scrolling down, the end was the best

  • Anonymous

    that’s a sad ending, woehahaahahaha.

  • ben

    This guy only lives 4 miles away from where I live.He's from a tiny town called hinckley which is in warwickshire in england should any of you want to look it up.

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    I don’t even like star trek… but this is sweet

  • Joe

    I have been in the flat, we filmed it for a tv show i used to work on. Its very impressive buti got a headache very quicky as its very bright with loads of lights. Its also very uncomfortable as there isnt any furniture, he sleeps ona tidy pull out bed i think.

    It is a big shock when you walk in the front door though.

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