Rare vintage celebrity photos (40 Photos)

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    • maggiemay13

      to get all the down votes, yeah.

      • Ihtdmbtchz

        Its not for votes. Its to piss everybody off. And its works. And it is hilarious.

        • maggiemay13

          I don't think it pisses anyone off, it's just stupid.

          • shitfaced

            Agreed. When will it stop?

          • Brock Lesner

            I think it's pretty sweet.

  • FactsOfLife

    #1 "what did you just say, white boy?"

    • ihtdmbtchz

      Das Racis

      • Katie

        Instantly picture little black boy yelling that

    • wisemx

      "You sure about this?"

    • kid classic

      oh you just saw rocky!

      • Gester

        I wonder how many people actually got this as an Eddie Murphy quote. 😉

    • mihaisuzuki

      Bring it on!

  • AssClown

    #3 Freddy always gets the pussay.
    #25 Legend.

    • Harleyxx

      I don't think Freddie got much pussy…He died of Aids….I'm just saying,,,,,


        Maybe the back pussy

      • Just me

        hope its irony

        • An Average Chiver

          you mean "sarcasm". dumbass.

    • Verbal_Kint

      He was more into the litter box…

    • R-Dub

      Freddy was queer as a 3 dollar bill

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


      – gawd dammit, another childhood hero who ruined it.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Rest in peace Fredward, you were an awesome singer.

  • rochester, ny

    #7 still the man #25 Bill Fuckin Murray!

    • jason

      rochester, ny – that's where i am too

  • nepster

    #1 Ali…greatest of all time.
    #16 COULD have been the greatest of all time, if he didn't fuck his life up.

    • 2pumpdump

      #16 He didn't fuck up his life. Don King did that.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      #16 he was gonna try the Ozzy Osborne stunt

    • Johnny_Phoenix

      Their records are almost identical and while Ali's is still a little bit better on a win/lose ratio, Tyson has more knockouts as well as way more first-round knockouts. So yeah, the title of "greatest" is, has and always will be debatable.

  • iambigd42

    #18 Gene Wilder, one of the funniest actors of all time.

  • etcrr

    #23 Iggy Pop with a shirt and jacket? #25 Bill "Fuckin" Murray teaching? Has the world gone mad?

    • stumeister

      Iggy pop has never looked young!

  • Jeff

    #25, shouldn't this be Bill Fucking Murray?

    • Max Renn

      Only if you're 12 years old.

  • Ferret

    #29.. since when is the 90's vintage.. and who has a black and white camera in the 90's?

    • Ferret

      #20 i ment.. FML

    • Katie

      Since its 2012 apparently

      • qwert

        i still think the 90's were 10 years ago.. 😦
        le sad

    • Yes

      Since photoshop.

    • Craigery

      Photographers have always, and still do, take photographs in black and white.
      Even digital cameras and iPhones can take B&W photos.

  • Ned Plimpton

    How is it rare if it's on the internet??

  • tralfaz

    I like how they don't even put Demi Moore's name on #5.

    • the other OTHER Jen

      i bet she wishes she would have stayed with ol brucey.

    • Roxy

      I was going to post the same thought. How rude of them to exclude her!

  • larf

    #5 What about me i'm right here it's me demi.ashtons wife im right here i'm feelin suicidal!

  • Broadbem

    #21 AWESOME!!! Bruce Lee was the man.. Wish he wouldn't have passed.. Would have changed how we view MA movies.. IMHO…

    • testudo321

      Everyone on this photo kicks ass. Literally and otherwise…

      • gelepa

        bad mofos

    • HawaiiBoy

      He WAS the one who changed how we watch martial arts movies…

      • Johnny_Phoenix

        More importantly he was the one who changed how we practice martial arts!

  • Boom!_Headshot!

    #21 made my monitor shake from awesomeness

    • LOL

      my computer blew up and i have suddenly turned into a burst of tourettes " BRUCE LEE IS BEST! BRUCE LEE IS BEST!"

  • LuvsHorror

    Someone like Johnny Depp?

  • holyshit

    A lot of really awesome people here.

    • truth

      Now I feel old. I grew up watching some of these guys in their prime.

  • texjosh

    #7… no one has since been and maybe ever will be, as cool.

    • 80's Baby

      agree… Jack, my top 3 All-time Favorite actors

    • testudo321

      Two of the coolest people in Hollywood…..

    • Meh

      He once said that not marrying Anjelica Huston was the mistake he will always regret.

  • chris"noimkorean"kim

    #37 jodie foster. Skating with heels…Impressive

    • Dcolbert

      On a 70s banana board, Chris.

    • jhf60

      Maybe taking a break from filming 'Taxi Driver'?

  • Jayavc

    #3 I didn't think he liked pussy

    • trooperjoe73

      That's the most pussy he ever touched.

    • The Foley

      He doesn't really know what to do with it though.

    • John Deacon

      You all are retarded, he was totally bi. No completely gay man could sing "Fat Bottom Girls" with so much conviction.

      • its_forge

        Ya don't have to be straight to appreciate the awesomeness that is women with plenty of booty.

    • Guesty

      he was Bi-sexual… too bad though.. FUCK AIDS!!!!!

      • Underbaker

        I would rather not, since that is how it is passed on.

    • http://www.fifthonthefloor.com Tar Tarlton

      Dammit, beat me to it, I was gonna say: That's the most pussy Freddie Mercury ever got!

  • cormacmc

    How it begins. "Maybe I'll just have a small sandwich…and a little piece of cake…and a turkey leg…and a…"


    • 2pumpdump

      and that fridge door was never closed again.

    • dave

      i wanted to make the fat joke.

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!!

    • 2pumpdump

      Fuck the Pats. Fuck Brady.

      • uhhh

        hahahaa you are in for a dissapointing 2/6/12

        • Mikentrigger

          I don't care who wins, as long as the giants cover the spread.

  • crazydog

    #29 I really need to wash my eyes out now with a boiling mixture of bleach and draino

  • cajun carrot

    #36 Hipster!

    • http://www.digital-utopia.net Digital_Utopia

      I guess you could say, he liked Windows before it was mainstream…

  • BigManJones

    Again, when almost everything gets the title 'mind-blowing' the word slowly starts to lose it's meaning until it's not the same anymore. And what part of any of these photos are 'mind-blowing'? Until there's a picture of Depp rimming a midget or Chevy Chase robbing a guy, these are just regular pictures.

  • Ay Ay Caramba

    #40 BOO-YAH!

    • Elcastino

      HOO – WAH I'm the Godfather!

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