Women love Rob Gronkowski (21 Photos)

Photos found at Bustedcoverage

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #21 Google her….she LOVES the cock

  • Kyle

    Another douche living an awesome life. Go Blue!!

  • skinger

    Just look at the size of the mitts on Gronk! His hands are huge. If there's any correlation to penis size, the guy has just got to be a Mastodon. Yet another reason to hate this dude. I'm pea-green with envy. I want his money, his fame, his women and now his unit length. Thanks a lot, Chive. Go Giants!

    • http://what Richard Gazinya

      You’re absolutely right. Gronk is the guy every guy wants to be and every woman wants to be with. In New England, he has achieved god (small “g”) status.


      Meat gazer !!

  • Snail

    I dont understand why, hes not cute. Buff guys are nasty. Sorry

  • reason

    Found: douchebag

  • :)

    Y’all are just jealous!

  • Dave O.

    I feel the same about JLo.

  • john doe

    Grade A T-E…. Grade A Douchenugget, sad day

  • Bryan_W

    #15 Second girl. FIND!!!!!

    • bill

      Amy Andrews…..

  • Master_Rahl

    As a Pats fan I can't express how lucky we are to have a player like this, in addition to Aaron Hernandez. Our boy Gronk is lighting up the NFL world. I have only 3 words: YO SOY FIESTA

    (listen to Rob at the end of the interview. Best example of terrible Spanish EVER!!)

  • Dysenteryaki

    A more appropriate name might be "WOMEN LOVE FAME AND MONEY".

  • BostonChiver

    #19 #20 #21 her face is beat but if you follow her twitter feed during the pats she show off her assets for sure!

  • Milkman

    Polak, douchebag, meat head… 3 things im proud im not.

  • dude

    I Hate his face, he should change it

  • Anonymous

    Hey…good for him..all the people with negetive comments should go to the gym. Fat fucks are gross people who should be shot

  • Brian

    #11 looks like hes holding her tit and #17 looks like she’s holding his cock

  • Jala Meladuro

    Usually big dudes have small penises…

  • Ben

    The Chive seems to be as in love with him as these girls are, what with all the pec pics.

    And frankly, I couldn't be happier.


  • the brandon


  • abraun

    Nathan fillion on steroids

  • Sonoran Desert

    Bear Down

  • jordy nelson

    Geez no hatn on gronk but I wish I was 8ft tall n had god as my qb, send him 2 denver then tebow could complete 3 passes a gm

  • MattKL

    The guy must have Wilt Chamberlain numbers by now.

  • bulletstopper

    He DOES have the single season SCORING record for any Tight End in history. Thanks for making me extremely jealous.

  • bakeypie

    chive hates the pats huh? give the guy some credit. he's 22, an amazing football player, and doing what all of you would if given the chance.

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